Across three hospitals and eight satellite sites, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) employs some of our generation’s best physicians, nurses and medical professionals. These teams deliver exceptional clinical expertise to treat Scarborough’s patients and families effectively, inclusively and with compassion.

Birchmount hospital

Centenary hospital

General hospital

SHN provides exceptional care across its three hospitals – Birchmount, Centenary and General – yet it has been left behind in countless ways. Aging facilities prevent them from keeping up with the growing community or the latest in health care technology and delivery models. With the lowest average family income in the GTA and over 74% visible minorities, Scarborough faces numerous socio-economic obstacles. Though diversity is one of Scarborough’s strengths, it also presents an increase in culturally prevalent conditions such as chronic kidney disease, making inclusive, equitable health care more important than ever.

Serving a diverse catchment area of over 830,000 people in facilities that are over 50 years old, and with the oldest operating rooms in the province – it’s clear that our community deserves better.

To help Scarborough receive the best possible care, we must rewrite this story for the future. SHN Foundation relies on generous donors and community supporters to help cement our health network’s role as a health care leader for generations to come.

By donating to SHN, you are supporting our health care heroes and helping to build a brighter, healthier Scarborough.