By donating to Scarborough Health Network, you are standing up for equitable healthcare in one of Canada’s most diverse communities. Donors like you allow us to provide exceptional quality care to the 850,000+ people in Scarborough and beyond who rely on our three hospitals in their most critical moments.

Map of the three Scarborough hospitals


SHN’s three hospitals – Birchmount, Centenary, and General – and several satellite sites offer programs and services that are designed for the specific needs of the Scarborough community. We offer full-service emergency departments; diagnostic, surgery, rehabilitation, and geriatric care; as well as advanced birthing centres for moms, newborns, and growing families. We are leaders and partners in specialty mental health, cancer, and kids’ care.

Home to leading minds, our medical expertise and compassionate care are accessed from well beyond our borders. We have Ontario’s largest regional nephrology program and regional community-based cardiovascular rehabilitation service. We are the designated cardiac centre for the Central East region of Ontario, and our cardio-oncology clinic is an internationally recognized centre of excellence.

We are proud to be a community-affiliated teaching site for the University of Toronto, in addition to supporting the development of the future Scarborough Academy for Medicine and Integrated Health with the University of Toronto Scarborough. As a member of the Toronto Academic Science Health Network and partner with other universities and colleges, we are committed to helping to train the next generation of healthcare professionals.

SHN serves over 850,000 people throughout Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Made up of 59% new Canadians and 74% visible minorities, our diverse community relies on community healthcare that is accessible and speaks their language.

While our diversity is undoubtedly our greatest strength, it also presents unique health challenges like higher instances of chronic kidney disease and diabetes, among other culturally prevalent diseases. At Scarborough Health Network, we are uniquely positioned to treat, manage, and prevent these diseases – but we need upgraded hospital facilities to make that happen.


3 different images show Scarborough community members in different locations

We’ve done more than anyone thought possible with less than anyone could imagine. Our hospitals have historically been left behind, creating obstacles like the oldest operating rooms in Ontario, outdated facilities, and cramped procedure rooms. Yet, because of our Scarborough grit, these obstacles don’t deter us. They drive us forward.

It’s time to imagine what we could do with more.

Your donations and support of the Love, Scarborough campaign will allow us to finally look beyond our most critical needs and realize our vision of being Canada’s leading teaching hospital network. Together, we will create Canada’s first no-wait Emergency Department, open Toronto’s most innovative Diagnostic Imaging Department, establish a brand-new Research and Education Centre to support groundbreaking research and Scarborough’s new Medical School, and eventually build a new Birchmount Hospital.

Together, we will turn grit into greatness.