Scarborough Health Network Foundation is committed to raising and stewarding charitable donations to support the mission of Scarborough Health Network. The Foundation brings together the passion and commitment of our donors and pushes the boundaries of what is possible to make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. In appreciation, the Foundation provides a myriad ways of acknowledging the supporters who donate towards equipment purchase, capital renovations, and special projects.

The donor wall located on the main floor of the General, Birchmount, and Centenary hospitals is one way the Foundation expresses its appreciation to the individuals, corporations, foundations, associations, and community groups that have generously given $5,000 or more. To those donors who choose to remain anonymous, we are profoundly grateful for their dedicated support and philanthropic contributions.

Thank you to our donors who continue to help shape the future of health care in Scarborough. 

Our Digital Donor Wall

The names included in our Digital Donor Wall below are based on lifetime giving to SHN Foundation as of the 2021-2022 fiscal year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Abbey Black, Director, Stewardship & Donor Engagement, at ablack1@shn.ca.

Donor Wall

$5,000 - $9,999

1439862 Ontario Inc. Perlman Vegetable

1181525 Ontario Inc

1666419 Ontario Limited Joseph’s No Frills #3919

1510 Birchmount Holdings Inc

876 Lincoln Alexander Squadron

6736238 Canada Inc.

3000 Lawrence Medical Arts Centre

A.M.A. Tire & Service Centre

A. Allan Brown

A & L Computer

AATEL Communications Inc.

Aase & Brian Birkness

Abbott Vascular

Abbott Medical Optics

Abbott Laboratories Limited

Accident Injury Management Clinic

AC Technical Systems

Abbvie Corporation

Adam Ahmed Bholat

Action Honda

Adolf Czudnochowsky

Ad-Link Advertising Inc.

Adeline Abraham

Agincourt Infiniti Nissan Ltd.

$5,000 - $9,999

Advanced Technologies Laboratory

Albert & Annie Chan

Ajith Varghese

Ajith Sabaratnam

Albert Cheong & Curie Chow & Family

Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute

Alex Irvine Motors Limited

Albion Glass Limited

Albert White

Alexander Hughes

Alex Lam

Allan Erlick

Ali Suleman

Alexander Masters

Allied Hercules Inc.

Allen Clein

AMJ Campbell Van Lines

Amherst Crane Rentals Ltd.

Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113

Amy Pei

AMP of Canada Ltd.

Angela & John Frackowiak

Andy Au

Andrew and Lynn Torres Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Anna & Dr. Kien* Gniap Siu

Ann & Heinz Boehlke

Anne Jenkinson

Annabelle Case

Annabelle & Robert Case

Anthony J. Chinner

Anthony & Teresa D’Souza & Family

Anthony & Patricia Macgregor

Aqua Health Limited

Anton Li

Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada

Arlene R. Toms

ARAMARK Canada Ltd.

Arnold Carefoote

Arni Billimoria

Arts & Entertainment Network

Arthur M. Johnson

Arthur Barbeau

Athena Fung Chu Wong

Asian Television Network Inc.

Audrey V. Thompson

Audrey L. Clein

Audrey & Arthur Uden

B. Vaz

$5,000 - $9,999

B M C software

AV Communications Inc

Baker & McKenzie LLP

Back2feet Inc.

Bant Print-O-Cut Limited

Bamburgh Food Mart

Balasundaram Srinivasan

Barry Kaufman

Barbara Young

Barbara Inward

Barry, June, John, Andrew Hoyle

Barry Office Services Ltd.

Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc.

Bashir U. Hira

Basdai Indira Persad

Becky Ng

Beatty Machine & Tool Works Limited

Bendale Parkway Limited

Bendago Medicine Professional Corporation

Bed Race

Berg Chilling Systems Ltd.

Benedict Koon Ying Chan

Bill Bentley

Beverly St. Martin*

$5,000 - $9,999

Bernard A. Flynn

Billa Cor Services and Platinum Hollywood Entourage

Bill Jackson

Bird Mechanical Ltd.

Bing Yin Fu

Bing Yin & Kit Wah Lee Fu

Blakely & Associates Inc.

Bissesar Persaud

Bob Bannerman Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Bob Atkinson

BMW Markham

BOC Canada Limited

Bob Kinnear

Bob Johnston Chev Olds Ltd.

Boonteak Lee & Agatha Yeung

Boom-Ad Advertising Systems Ltd.

Brian J. Thompson

Brewers Retail Inc.

Brad Stanghetta*

Bridlewood Place Recreation

Bridlewood Chapter IODE

Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc.

Bruce J. Logan

Brookfield Homes Ltd.

$5,000 - $9,999

Buffett Taylor & Associates Insurance Agencies

Bruce Rothney

Bruce M. Graham

Burjor Langdana

Bull Financial Consulting Inc.

Buttcon Limited

Burns Fry Limited

Burman & Fellows Group Inc.

Canadian Guardian

Cameron Rogers and Family

Cambridge Shopping Centres Limited

Canadian Thermos Products Inc.

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Carl & Doris Escoffery

Cara Operations Limited

Canon Medical Systems Canada Limited

Carmen Salmon

Carl Chiu Pang Chan

Carole Zucker

Carole & Marvin Sherkin

Carol Sheriff Family Foundation

Cashpoint Foreign Exchange Inc.

Caryll Gomes

Catherine Waddingham

$5,000 - $9,999

Catherine A. Newton

Catherine & William Dunlop

Cedric Simpson

Catherine Wallington

Charles & June Davis

Charles & Helen Woodard

Centrecorp Management Services Ltd Agincourt Mall

Charles G. Turner & Associates Ltd.

Charles Boon

Cheong Wu

Chens Enterprises Corporation

CHAT Insurance Service Inc.

Chi Miu Cheung

Cheung Moon Leung & Chi Miu Cheung

Chiu Ming Lee

Chip Charitable Services

Chinese Canadian National Council

Christel Schulz

Chris & Gracie Ellis

Clare Hasenkampf

City of Toronto

City Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC

Claude Bishop & Caroline Bishop

Claude Beckerton

$5,000 - $9,999

Co Chanh Luu

Clifford Bentson

Clearview Strategic Partners Inc.

Cogeco Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottling

Collis J. Carter

Collin G. Viney

Colin McDonald

Compass Group Canada

Combined with Record #9065

Combined with all RBC records. See record #57383

Confederation Leasing Limited

Concord Adex Inc

Connex Telecommunications

Connecting Solution Inc.

Cynthia Lai

Cyanamid Canada Inc.

Coyle Corrugated Containers Limited

Dale Canapini

Dak Chun Yew

Daniel Givelas

Daniel Ching

Dang Nguyen

Darryl Chang & Wen-Ling Shih & Family

$5,000 - $9,999

Danielle P. Lewis

David Crawford & Julia Holland

David Belous

David & Sandra Adams

David Dudley

David D. LeRoux

David Hayden

David Hass

David Wu

David Scott Anderson

David Merkur Holdings Inc.

Denise LeBlanc

Debbie Daly*

Diane Ellis

Diana M. Houston

Diana Dunlop

Dick Zoutman

Diane Thompson

Dmitry Tsvetkov

Dimitrios J. Papulkas

Donwood Park Junior Public School

Dong Quoc Truong

Do not recognize

Doreen Alexander

$5,000 - $9,999

Dora Yapur

Doris & Raymond Martin

Doreen Oyagi

Doreen Head

Doris Muckle

Doris Chow

Douglas G. Maunder

Dorothy & James McCullough

Dr. Alan H. Tallmeister

Douglas Whittemore

Douglas G. Roberts

Dr. Alireza Kachooie

Dr. Alfred Jay

Dr. Bruce Farrington

Dr. Arumugam Sivaganesanathan

Dr. Anil & Mala Chopra

Dr. Christine Young*

Dr. Chi-Chia Tai & Family

Dr. Donna Barnwell*

Dr. Daniel M.T. Wong

Dr. Christoph* Kranemann

Dr. Felix Tyndel

Dr. Doreen Ablack

Dr. J. Keith Reynolds

$5,000 - $9,999

Dr. Gordon R. Nagai*

Dr. George Vertes

Dr. James & Aline Murray

Dr. J.Z. Shainhouse

Dr. John You

Dr. Joanne Ma Medicine Professional Corporation

Dr. Jeremy Hew

Dr. Kushal and Anjini Raghubir

Dr. Ken Ng

Dr. P. Ajoy Sahay

Dr. Neely Noticewala & Jitesh Arora

Dr. Lloyd Padmore

Dr. Raymond Shu

Dr. Raymond H. W. Ng Medicine Professional Corporation

Dr. S. M Chien Professional Corporation

Dr. Robert Stitt

Dr. Richard Austin

Dr. Sheldon Goldhar*

Dr. Sharon O’Brien*

Duncan McEachern

Dr. Thomas Choy*

Dr. Sing M. Wu

Earl & Joyce Barr

E. Ann Vidal

$5,000 - $9,999

Eddie Parsons

Eastern Construction Company Limited

East-Court Ford Lincoln Sales Limited

Edris M. Thompson

Edmund Trilsbeck

Eileen Freedman

Edwin P. Urovitz

Edward Wing Kai Wong

Eleanor & Albert Almack

Elaine Y.L. Chu

Elinor & Dr. Michael Fair

Elfriede Strohm

Elecia Rezac

Elizabeth Anne Hawkins

Elizabeth & Thomas Hills

Ellsworth H. Rossell

Elizibeth von Ploennies

Elizabeth Woodhead

Emily Kapusiak

Elsie & Peter Marks

Equitable Trust

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Limited

Eric Zoebelein

Eric W. Tsui

$5,000 - $9,999

Equity Development Group

Erwin Psotka

Ernest S. Craig

Erika & Fred Rohr

Estate of Fai Cho So

Estate of Earle Robertson Roden

Estate of Joseph Gerald Haley

Estate of Hannah Po Yau Siu

Estate of Francis Alexander Morgan

Estate of Martin Hullford

Estate of Lin Ping Ma

Estate of Julie Boisselle

Estate of Mitra Indira Singh

Estate of Mary Sinclair

Estate of Thomas Ross Wheler

Estate of Rita Kwei-King Lee

Estate of Percy Leonard Taylor

Esther Fok

Estate of Violet May Bartlett

Fan Yu Hsueh


Ethel Roberta Ratcliffe

Farrukh Sheikh

Fanya Malkin

$5,000 - $9,999

Feaver Foods Inc. o/a McDonalds Restaurant

Feaver Foods Inc

Fat Leung & Yin-Fong Lau

Fezo Hosein

Ferguson & Mak LLP

Ferdinand & Rosina Boehm

Florence Nightingale Home Foundation

Fitzhenry Family Foundation

Frances Poon

Fook & Ying Chan

FM Signature

Frank & Natalie Ruelens

Francis George

Fripes Export Limited

Frieder Paul Lange

Franklin Mok

Fuji Graphics Systems, Canada Inc.

Frum Development Group

Fung Ho Ma

Fung Ho

Funding Innovation Inc.

Gabriel, Lauren & Charlotte Granatstein

G.P. Capital Management Group

Garry Shapiro Barrister & Solicitor

$5,000 - $9,999

Garfinkle Biderman

Gaya Mahadevan

Gary W. Fick

Gary Norris

General Instrument

Geetha and Logan Velumailum

George Lunan Foundation

George Fine

George & Vera Trimble

George Robertson

George R. Calder

Georgina & G.W. O’Brien

Georgian Capital Partners

George Weston Limited

Gertrude & Alan Martin

Gerald Groship

Gerald B. Moore

Gertrude Wang

Glasgow Celtic Supporters Club

Gisela E. Butscher

Gianna & Louis Aldrovandi

Gloria Haslam

Glenn & Rosyl McBurnie

Gloria J. Collins

$5,000 - $9,999

Goodman Phillips & Vineberg

Goldmanco Incorporated

Golden Deed Chapter #298

Graham & Dianne Evanoff

Gordon S. Peck

Griffiths McBurney Partners

Gravity Partners Limited

Graham Munro Charitable Foundation

GS Capital Group

Groia & Company Professional Corporation

Gwendolyn & George Ellis

Guangzhou High School Alumni Association (Canada)

H. Walls

H. Paulin & Co. Limited

H. Owen & Norma Jones

Hallmark BRB Insurance Brokers Limited

H.J. Heinz Company Of Canada Ltd.

Harley W. Williams

Hao Luu

Hannah Po Yau Siu

Harold Balderson

Harold & Eva Atkinson


Havelock H. Yates

$5,000 - $9,999

Harriet Gans

HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.

Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

Helen and Ian Giffen

Helen & Charles Dolan

Healthway Medical Management Inc.

Helene & Werner Huebner

Helen Kostka

Henry & Nuha Louis

Helene Huebner

Henry Y.H. Chung

Henry Gow

Henry Berglez

Hercules Modopoulos

Herbert G. Richter


Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.

Herschel & Rosalind Nikolaevsky

Hilda & John Birkby

Hing Sun & Pui Har Yuen Lo

Hindu Cultural Society Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Hildegard & Branko Arbanas

Ho Chan

Hiren & Sima Shah

$5,000 - $9,999

Horizons Exchange Traded Funds

HomeLife Broadway Realty Inc.

Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada


Hoshang Mancherjee

Hui-Cha Chung

Hubert & Gertrud Weitz

Howard & Elaine Levinoff & Family

Hung Sun S. Chan

Hung Duong

Ibrahim Kamel

Ian & Margaret Elder

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Ilse Bufe

ICI Canada Inc.

In Honour of Chia Loong Lock

Imperial Oil Limited

In Honour of Swarn and G.D. Aurora

In Honour of Mary Fraser Sinclair from Her Family

In Honour of Denis Lanoue, P.Eng.

In Memory of Albert and Bertha Beattie

In memory – Anthonapillai Rayappu & Manuelpillai

In Memory of David Frame

In Memory of Colin McDonald

$5,000 - $9,999

In memory of Arthur Kanagasabey

In Memory of Franc Trampus

In Memory of Dr. Damodar C. Panday

In memory of Henry Keilhauer

In Memory of Gregory Hulse

In Memory of Gaynor M. Noll

In Memory of Hui Po Mui

In Memory of Hilda Levinoff

In Memory of Liz Johnston

In Memory of John Robbins

In Memory of Jasodra Tewarie

Ina Moratz

In memory of Tse Cheung Ying 1928 – 2012

Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc.

Ingeborg & Benno Mueller

Independent Electric Supply Inc.

Iris Chang

Iqbal Dhanju

Intraurban Projects

Irving & Sylvia Ungerman & Family

Irmgard & William Geyer

Islamic Society of Willowdale

Irving Fox

Ivy Nishida

$5,000 - $9,999

Ivy Lai Haw Looi

Iva Internicola

J. Alex & Kathleen Clayton

J Russell Smith

Jack Foley

Jack C. Jardine

J. Marguerite Leckie

Jalal A. Kalmoni

Jacqueline C. Davies & Associates

James MacDonald

James & Dorothea Carter

Jamaican Canadian Association of Nurses

Janet M. Roscoe

James Wong

James Pye

Janice Pound

Janet Murdoch-Zive

Jasotha Jeyakumar

Jason, Janet, & Jennifer Wan

Janina & Victor Klatka

Jay Blue Inc

Javid Khan

Jayasree Gupta

Jay Wilson

$5,000 - $9,999

Jean Degroot

Jean & Norman Glover

JC’s Banquet & Grill House-Scarborough

Jennifer Devon* & Dale Romanovsky

Jean M. Beare

Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer L. Doust

Jim Chiu

Ji Han, Zhi Wei Zhang, and Jia Han Zhang

Jerry Garcia

Joan Sheahan

Joan Henry

Joe Li Financial Services Inc.

Joanne Ma

Joan* & Stuart Rodgers

John & Kathryn Patterson

Joey & Toby Tanenbaum

John Anastasakis

John A. Gough

John & Margaret M. Calderone

John Bylaard

John Brittain

John Forsyth

$5,000 - $9,999

John Christensen

John Chen

John Kavanagh

John Frackowiak

John McCrimmon

John Logarakis*

John L. Platt

John Page

John Owen

John Yuen

John Thompson

John Sigalas

Jonathan & Betty Leung & Family

Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Joyce & Gerald Cramp

Joy Ho

Josephine Lo

KAD Development Group

Ka Ng

Joyce Rankin

Kansang Dick

Kally’s Restaurant & Banquet Halls

Karen Wigle

Karen E. Blyth

$5,000 - $9,999

Karen & Dan Newman

Katherine Tsao

Kassaye Demmelash

Kathryn Gooding

Kathryn Bruce

Kathleen Gangnon

Kawneer Company Canada Limited

Kathy Kalusek

Kay Flint

Kay Bonner

Kay & George Morishita

KCI Medical Canada Inc.

Kay MacEachern

Ken Fok

Keith Spiegelberg

Keith Ellis & Amelia Canto Ellis

Kenneth Drabble

Kennedy Public School

Kenneth William Preece

Kenneth M. Wolch

Kenneth Kelly

Khalida Beig

Key Pharmaceuticals

King Ming & Chiu Yung Cheung

$5,000 - $9,999

Kilian Christopher

Khatoon & Sadrudin Mawji

King-Wan Lo

Kings Web

Kit O’Rourke-Lee

Kirk Barton

Kitty Lam Insurance Agency Ltd.

Kitty Hui

KM Enterprise Solutions

Klinghoffer Medicine Professional Corporation

Konca Investments Limited

Knoll Pharma Inc.

KM Logic Enterprises Limited

Krishni Narine

Krishan Suntharalingam

KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation

Kuen Yuen Tse

Kristine Smolsky*

Kwai Ping Fung-Leung

Kurt W. Hering

Kwong Mok & Dui Lee

Kwok-Ming Chan

Kwan Tim Lam

Lars Lindell

$5,000 - $9,999

Larry Ius

Lam Yam Wong

Learn Not To Burn

Laura & Alexander Dargie

Leslie Quackenbush

Leonard J. Livernois

Lily Chiu

Life100 Insurance and Investments Inc.

Lieut.-Colonel Irene Stickland

Lily Turn-Ling Chan

Lily Hsu

Linda Tse and Family

Linda Takahashi

Linda Hand

Lorenzo Lisi*

Longford Equipment International Limited

Lin-Yim Lee Yuen

Lorna B. Minz

Lori McLeod

Lucy Yim

Lubomir Alexov

Lou Michelutti

Lundbeck Canada Inc.

Luise & Erwin Renner

$5,000 - $9,999

Lynne & Paul Cummings

Lynn & Patrick* McGrade

Lurline Albaross

M & M Meat Shops

Lynnpark Packaging

Maak Ha Man**

M.S. Mahdy

M. Peter& Amelia Hryb

Magna International Inc.

Madeline Leathem

Malaysian Association of Canada

Mai Chun Wu

Magnolia Builders

Malvern Sleep Clinic

Malcolm Tai-Pow* & Laura Chong

Man-Chiu Ng & Yuk-Har Tam

Man To Tang

Man Sang Wah

MapleRose Holdings (Canada) Inc.

Maplequest Group

Marco & Lina De Pompa

Marcella & Leonard Wells


Margaret Graham

$5,000 - $9,999

Margaret & Ward Morrison

Margaret Elaine Geen

Margaret Minter

Margaret Jean Sibbick

Marilyn Joy McKee

Maria Saliva

Marjorie & Dr. Douglas Hunter

Marilyn R. Irving

Mark Webber

Marjorie Searles

Marta Lilia Lo

Maroth Inc

Mary & Edward Ziraldo

Mary & Dr. John Fox

Martin Goldstein*

Mary Davidson

Mary Ann Kneeland

Mary & Paul Leonard

Mary Susanne Lamont

Mary E. Graham

Maureen Azzopardi

Maureen & Dr. Paul* Azzopardi

Mattamy Homes Gilmac Partnership

May Lena Chiu

$5,000 - $9,999

Maureen Sunter*

Medical Mart Supplies Limited

McDonald’s Mac-A-Tac Enterprises Ltd

McAsphalt Industries Limited

Metroland Printing, Publishing & Distributing Ltd.

Mei Zhi Lin

Mehrunnissa Pardhan

Michael Donnellan

Metropolitan Condominium Corporation

Michael J. Baxter

Michael Heiber

Midland Walwyn Capital Inc.

Michael Lap Keung Chan

Michael Kong

Milliken Mills Lions Club

Mike & Lori’s No Frills #737

Milos Krajny

Milliken Steel Sales Ltd.

Milliken Public School

Mohammad Tabari

Mohamedali Alibhai & Family

Minette MacNeil

Mr. and Mrs. Koneswaran


$5,000 - $9,999

Murray Bundock

Munich Life Management Corporation Ltd

Multi Floor Services Ltd.

Mushtaq Mohamed Syed

Murray Koffler

Myrna R. Pagan

Myra & Dr. Irving Grosfield

Mykola & Marjorie Pencak

Nadine Corrigan

Na Rae Park & Mya Sehee Kwak

Nancy Deshaw

Nancy & Russell Minor

Nancy & James Tang

Nancy Phung and Frank Chan and Family

Nancy Griffin

NEC Canada

Nasir Ghanny

Narendra, Hardip (Dipa), Ekta and Kshamta Shah

Nephrology Associates

Nelson Sims

Ngoc Maschke

New Horizon System Solutions

Nerissa Chan

Nicholas Eaves

$5,000 - $9,999

Ngu Lin & Lin Pu

Noranda Inc.

Nishanthan Ponnuthurai

Nicola Contini

North Toronto Business & Professional Women’s Club

Norman Salansky & IMI Healing Technologies

Norton Rose Fulbright

North Toronto Sleep Centre Inc

North Toronto Rehab and Physiotherapy

Ocean Food Company Ltd.

Nurallah, Shanaz & Alykhan Rahim

Nrithya Natya Mandram

Olive & Robert Bean

OHE Consultants

Ontario Sheet Metal Workers’ & Roofers’ Conference

Ontario General Contractors

On Ping Wong

Paolo Povolo

Pamela E. Flynn

Ontex Clothing Inc.

Patricia Rock-Mayers

Patricia Gilchrist

Patricia & Murray Bundock

Pauline & James Price

$5,000 - $9,999

Paul & Shirley Schwindt

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Pauline Price

Pauline Gove

Peggy Pik Pui Lam

Perry W. Chen-See

Perry and Rae Dellio

Pelmorex Inc.

Peter Vogel

Peter J. Tremblay

Peter A. Papulkas

Pfaff Automotive Partners

Peter Wei

Philip West

Philip Lam

Phakamile A. Madikiza

Plan Group Inc.

Pickering City Centre Residence

Phyllis & Dr. Lloyd Little

Polytarp Products

Playwell Enterprises Ltd.

Prisha Law Professional Corporation

Princess Auto Scarborough

Prae Aloysius Danne Singh

$5,000 - $9,999

Pui Har Yuen Lo

Private Giving Foundation


Purdue Pharma

Pui Yuk Che Cheung, Jane King King Mak, May, Paul Ho

Rajasthan Foundation

Rajasingam Sivayoganathan

Rahat Godil

Rashid Ansari & Safia Ansari

Raphael Justin Kum Ming Loh

Rayma & Benjamin Tam

Ray Cameron

RCCL Life Guide Services Inc.

Raymond Sin

Raymond Man

RH Pizza Ltd

Reno Canada International

Reginald McNamara

Richard Abe

Richard & Mary Marchut

Richard Teunissen

Richard Scheel

Richard Evans

Roadsport Limited

$5,000 - $9,999

Rita Ament

Rishi Rupa Inder Sagar Aggarwal

Robert & Dorothy Schoenwetter

Rob Dingwall

Robert G. Clazie

Robert & Sheila Francis

Robert & Pauline Ireland

Robert J. Atkins

Robert Ian Salter

Robert Gilchrist

Robert McLeod

Robert Maidens

Robert Rastorp

Robert Patterson

Robert W. Gibb

Robert Semenciw

Robert Saunders

Roger Dodson

Rob’s No Frills #3109

Ron Mitchell & Associates

Romilus Anthonypilliai

Rohm & Haas Canada Inc.

Ronald Cuneo

Ronald C. Wilson

$5,000 - $9,999

Ross A. Kent

Rosalind M. Zucker

Rosa Chan

Rudy & Jean Travolo

Royal Doulton Canada Limited

Roy W. Thurston

Runnymede Development Co.

Ruifang Chen

Ruth & Martin Tauber

Ruth & Gary Wolff

Ruth & Alan Donaldson**

Ruth Eastman

Ruth E. Beer


S.A. Armstrong Fluid Technology Limited

S. Ross Johnson

Saaz’O Awaz Broadcasting Ltd.

S.G.H. Medical Mall

Sajjad Ebrahim

Saira Ansari

Sana Ullah Qazi

Salome Harrison

Salikah Iqbal

Sandra J. Keyes

$5,000 - $9,999

Sandra E. Bing-Wo

Scarborough Elementary School P.A.R. Assoc.

Scarborough Bendale Lions Activities

Sau-Fung Chan

Scarborough Lexus Toyota

Scarborough Fair Condominium M.T.C.C.1038/1039

Scott Keyworth

Scott Ellis


Shaileshkumar Patel

Sel – Kam Consultant Services Inc.

Segal LLP

Sharon & Dr. Edward* English

Shanla Valdez

Sharon Green

Sharon & Dr. Larry Grossman

Shirley & Earl Westman

Shawna & Dr. Michael Kreidstein

Sharon Sandler

Shuet May Tam

Shoppers Drug Mart #1219

Shirley Yee Professional Corporation

Sinnadurai Jeyakumar

Shui Lan Chow

$5,000 - $9,999

Sivakami Kanagaratnam

Siu Chow Mak

Sinththura & Athithiya Anandarajah

Sokhbinder S. Bhoohe

So-Il Kim

Sivasri Panchadcharaiyer Vijayakumara

Sri Lankan Accountants Association

Sornapakiam Sabaratnam

Stephen* Smith & Family

Staples/Business Depot

Sritharan Thurairajah

Straumann Canada Limited

Steve Somlai

Stuart M. Rodgers

Stuart Logan

Structform International Ltd.

Sui-Ying Chang

Sue Weedon and Jim Hinds

Susan & Dr. Bruce* Rubin

Surendra Mehta

Superior Boiler Works & Welding Ltd.

Susan Y.Y. Wong

Susan Stoddart

Susan Engels

$5,000 - $9,999

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions

Sutharson Kavitha & Family

T1 Agency Ltd

SYSCO Canada

Sydney L. Hayle

Takeda Canada Inc.

Tak Keung & Oi Lin Kung

Tee J. Enterprises

Tashvir Narine

Telelatino Network

Tele-Direct (Publications) Inc.

Teh Yung Chu

Terry C. Stapley Co. Limited

Terrie Ko S. So

Terence J. McDonnell

The CIT Group

The Bridle Bash Foundation

The Estate of Diane Lovell

The Estate of Carl Eldon Davis

The Daniels Corporation

The Estate of Edward Pon

The Estate of Edward Albert Kemp

The Estate of Hilde Huwe

The Estate of Harry Newman Snow

$5,000 - $9,999

The Estate of Jessie Marguerite Leckie

The Estate of Janet Reid Russell

The Estate of Lee Yuk Ying

The Estate of Joseph John Warner

The Estate of John Bugeia

The Estate of Mytle Lee McFadden

The Estate of Muriel Pearson

The Estate of Margaret Smith McKnight

The Estate of Richard Thomas Gardiner

The Estate of Nellie Thirza Klinck

The Estate of Sidney Kerr Burton

The Estate of Robert Kenneth Miller

The Estate of Robert Gordon Foster

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Company of Canada Ltd.

The Estate of William George McIntyre

The Estate of William David Walker

The Hearing Clinic

The Harold & Paul Chitel Charitable Foundation

The Holmes Group

The Henderson Family in Memory of Jeanne Henderson

The Kaitlin Group

The John Labatt Foundation

The Hostetter Foundation

The Lynch Family

$5,000 - $9,999

The Lenfest Group

The Lee Family

The McCowan Family

The Maini Family

The Sheldrake Family

The Rahman Family

The Philip Smith Foundation

The Toronto Star

The Stavrou And Rombis Foundation

The Stanzione Family

Thelma L. Fradley

The William & Arlene Daniels Charitable Foundation

Thomas Hills

Thomas & Sarah Richardson

Theresa & Gerald Quinn

Thomas Matz

Thomas Kelly

Tom Jackson*

Tom & Betty Andrews

Tim Hortons Advertising and Promotion Fund (Canada) Inc.

Toronto Elegant Lions Club

Toronto Cathay Lions Club

TopLine Printing & Graphics Ltd.

Trimont Manufacturing Incorporated

$5,000 - $9,999

Transamerica Life Canada

Ulla Seiz

Trudy Verboom

Trixie Williams

Unified LLP

Umberto & Maria Cataudella

Unis Lumin

Unionville-Doncrest Canada-HK New Horizon Lions Club

Unifor Local 414

Vahini Nithianandan

Ursula Lindow

Vel Insurance Services Inc.

Varcon Construction Corporation

Van-Rob Stampings Inc.

Vija Tate

Victoria Prince

Victor Nagle

Vincent Tse

Vincent Lyew

Vi’s No Frills/2712882 Ontario Limited

Violet Arnott – See record #105303 for recognition

Vinh Phuc Le

Vu Kiet Tran

Vivian B. Barnecutt

$5,000 - $9,999

Wai-Ling Lam

Wai Sing Man & Wai Fai Man & Families

Wai Ling Li

Wan Ying Fung

Wai-Lum Yung

Warren Reynolds

Warren & Ingrid Beacom

Wang Sulan & Kuan Hsi Chia

Weinberg & Gaspirc Chartered Accountants

Weigh House Investor Services Inc.

William & Arlene Elliott

Wilfred J. Foster

White Shield Banquets

William A. Brown

William & Eve Cook

William & Dorothy Prosser

William Chu

William A. Goodfellow

William Simonton

William Ng

William J. Maguire

Wincon Security

Wilma & James Spence

Wing Yin Leung

$5,000 - $9,999

Wing To Chan

Wing Fong Leung

Winnipeg Videon Incorporated

Winnie Wong

Winnie Leung

Worden Watson Limited

Woburn Medical Dental Centre

Xiang Ming Tan

WPS North America Parking Systems

Yew Keong Wong

Yeung-Sang Stephen Lam

Yee Ngan Chan & Kar Yuen Lau

Yip Wei & Mary Kwan

Ying Hung Yun

Yogambal Jayaratnam

YM Inc.

Yiu-Woo Chan

Zachary Klinghoffer

Yuet-Chun Chum

Anonymous (10)

Zohrabanu Patel

$10,000 - $24,999

Actavis Specialty Pharmaceuticals Co.

31 Anonymous

AIM Trimark Investments Inc.

Agincourt Lion’s Club

Agincourt Civitan Club

Alayne & Ron Metrick

Aino Hallden

Aino & Sven Hallden

Albert Campbell Memorial Hockey

Albert & Emily Chau

Allan Donald

Alice Dealhoy

Alfred & Anita Jay

Allen & Corinne Robinson

ALL-WIN Contractors

Allison Jocko*

Allie Howard

Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc.

Alterna Savings and Credit Union Limited

Ang Pao & Giok Yan Ong

Andrew Foss

Amy & Chi Hung Law & Family

Anne Marie & David Males and Family

Anne Cheesman

$10,000 - $24,999

Anh Lan Tac

Antonio Carmelo Silva

Annie Chi Sum Lam

Ash City

Armcan Sales Ltd.& the Baler Family

Aqueduct Foundation – Philpot Fund

Athia Cultural Centre

Athena Trastelis

Audrey Helson

Atlantic Bridge Investments (Canada) Inc.

Atlantic (HS) Financial Corporation

BAPS Charities

B. Jackson Plumbing Limited

Aziza Family

Barbara Krieger

Barbara & Bernard Whitchurch

Barry & Elizabeth Hitchcock

Barrie Rose, Karen Solomon and Family

Barbara Stevens

Baskar Puvanathasan

Barry Gage

BD Becton Dickinson Canada Inc.

Bayer Inc.

Batise Investments Limited

$10,000 - $24,999

Beth & Dr. Henry Taylor

Best Deal Graphics & Printing Inc.

Beckman Coulter Canada Inc.

Betty & Dr. Peter Kowalchuk

Betty & Dr. Douglas Hood

Biomet Canada Inc.

Beverly & David Baird

Beverley & James Hodgson

Blaine Varner

Black Dog Pub

Brazilian Canadian Coffee Co. Ltd.

Bo Fun Lo & Family

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Brian R. McComb

Brent Morrison

Breakthrough Horizons

Bruce Wood

Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc.

C & B Dental Labs Inc.

Burlodge Canada Ltd.

Bulova Watch Company Ltd.

Canada Sri Lanka Muslim Association of Ontario

Canada Chinese Computer Association

Caribbean Philanthropic Council

$10,000 - $24,999

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Canadian Pacific Railway Company

Catherine Cornell

Casey Coley

Carol & Michael Doi

Ceefax Security Inc.

CDT Holdings Inc.

Charles G. Turner

Chad E. Hanna

Centenary Anesthesia Group

Charles Riggs

Charles Langston

Chinese Professionals Association of Canada

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Charlie’s Meat and Seafood

Chitai Investment Inc.

Chin-Kong Lee

Chou Ying Lee

Chiu Yung and Kin Ming Cheung Foundation

Chuen Fong Lam

Christine & Ronald Bodrug

Christie Bentham

Chung-Hwei Wu

Chun Ming Yeung & Yau Chai Yeung Ling

$10,000 - $24,999

Chui Siu-Ting

City Buick Pontiac Cadillac Ltd.

Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Colin F. Elkin

Claudio Moro

Clairlea Minor Hockey Assoc.

Congee Queen & Petit Potato

Combined Insurance Company of America

Columbia Rehab Centre

Creaghan McConnell Group Ltd.

Council of Gujarati Canadians


CUPE Local 5852

CUC Broadcasting Limited

David and Diana Barlow

Dave’s No Frills #3924

Danny Chu

David Cui Ocean Reef Group

David Bishop

Dawsco Group

David Lam

David King & Sau Lin Ellen Lau

Del Corona & Scardigli Canada Ltd.

Decor & More Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

De Rose Barristers & Solicitors

Don Tataryn

Dion Entertainment Corporation

Donway Ford Sales Limited

Donna & George Meadows

Donald & Yvonne Snider

Doris & Frank Facella

Doreen Ellis

Doreen Caudrey

Dorothy & James McCullough

Doris Hansen

Dr. Alan Frosst

Dr. Abraham M. Crotin

Douglas & Joyce Hird

Dr. and Dr. Susmita Esufali

Dr. Allan Studniberg

Dr. Alexander Peters

Dr. Anthony Stone

Dr. Angela Hwang

Dr. Carol Muallim

Dr. Atilla Turgay

Dr. Arthur Chiu

Dr. Chin Kwan Chung

Dr. Caroline Thompson*

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Caroline C. Huh

Dr. Collin Hong and Carol Hong

Dr. Christopher A. Jyu

Dr. David Wheler

Dr. David Mitchell

Dr. David Law

Dr. Donna Vlahos

Dr. Debra Jefferson

Dr. Dayanand Jagdeo

Dr. Dov Soberman

Dr. Douglas Ledger

Dr. Gavin Pape

Dr. Edward Osborne

Dr. Edward F. Woods

Dr. H. Robert Liao

Dr. Gwen Rajakumar

Dr. Gregory Beamish and Dr. Gerda Beamish

Dr. Henry W.F. Wong

Dr. H.H. Au

Dr. Howard Burke

Dr. Horne Ing

Dr. Hoda Rizkala

Dr. Ilhami Gokcen

Dr. Howard Shiffman

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Howard Petroff

Dr. Irene Polidoulis

Dr. Iram Mohamed

Dr. John J. Peto

Dr. James P. Znajda and Dr. Tanya Pietak-Znajda

Dr. James Arnott and Joan Arnott

Dr. Joseph Y. Yuh

Dr. Jonathon S. Hummel

Dr. John Moffat

Dr. Kevin H. Wong Medicine

Dr. Ken Ng

Dr. Louise Wong

Dr. Lily Ho-Tai and Michael Oliveiro

Dr. Kevin Wong

Dr. Michael Chapman

Dr. Michael Bederman

Dr. Martina Feierabend

Dr. Michael Mah & Anita Mah

Dr. Michael Chun-Keung Chan

Dr. Mruna Shah

Dr. Morris Rotbard

Dr. Michael Ward

Dr. Nickola J. Curtis and Dr. Wayne Carman

Dr. Naznin Lalani

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Norbert Perera

Dr. Nirmala Sivaji

Dr. Nina Venkatarangam

Dr. Philip Hew-Wing

Dr. Paul Caulford

Dr. Nurjehan Akbarali

Dr. R. Henen Professional Corporation

Dr. Prandeepan Arulchelvam

Dr. Rahim Abdulhussein & Zahra Abdulhussein

Dr. Raffy Moussa

Dr. Raafat Henen

Dr. Rosemarie Lall

Dr. Richard Colwill

Dr. Rajiner Rathee

Dr. Ruben Gagarin

Dr. Rowja Malek

Dr. Shawn Jay Soon

Dr. Sanjay & Tanju Dhingra

Dr. Sandy & Roberta Finkelstein & Family

Dr. Tim Sproule

Dr. Thomas Kerlow

Dr. Terry Logaridis Medicine Professional Corporation

Dr. Wai Man Lam Dentistry Professional

Dr. Vincent Thien

$10,000 - $24,999

Dr. Tineke Vermaat & Patrick Carew

Dr. Winston & Syrina Wong

Dr. Warren Latham

Dr.Bert Lauwers

Dr.and Mrs. Ted Shapero

Dr. Ying Lu in Memory of Lu Qi Ming & Zhang Ya Lin

Duvet Comfort Inc.

Dundee Securities Corporation

Dr.Tom H. Anderson

E.W. Bickle Foundation


Edward T. Banks

Edward Lin Medicine Professional Corporation

Edith Bansen

Elaine & Peter Scaggs

Eileen N. O’Sullivan

Ellen Jaaku

Elizabeth J. Ryan

Elite Cardiology Group

Elyse Graff

Elmerine Karner

Ellie & H.A. Gregory

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Emilio Longo

$10,000 - $24,999

Estate of Charles Gordon Woodard

Estate of Andrew Bishop

Eric & Corinne Cheung

Estate of Hang Yung Chiu-Lam

Estate of Doreen Zoe Howe

Estate of Lempi Ritari

Estate of Kathleen Gwynne Bonner

Estate of Harold Alan Green

Estate of Luise Pold

Estate of Leonard Wells

Estate of Robert Y. Nishizawa

Estate of Margaret Mitchell

Estate of Margaret May Leeman

Evelyn & Paul Fairhurst

Esther Sarick

Fakhrul Haleem & Family

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Fabricland Distributors Inc.

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Fashion Show

Farsad Kiani

Fidelity Investments Canada Limited

Felix Charlebois

Fleury, Comery LLP

$10,000 - $24,999

First Creative Accessories Inc.

Fire & Ice Restaurant

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Fortescue Bindery Limited

Forest Contractors Ltd.

Frank Morgan

Frank & Doris Dockrill

Francois’s No Frills #3132

Frank Sakellariou

Frank Robinson

Frederick and Douglas Dickson Memorial Foundation

Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

Franklin Templeton Investments Corporation

Gail & Ralph Anstey

Freny Engineer

Frederick Sasaki

Garfield Weston Foundation

Gambro Inc.

George Blanchard

Geoffrey Wright

General Cable

George Lazarevski

George Hartman

George E. McCowan

$10,000 - $24,999

Geraldine Nicholas

George Martin

Glen Miller

GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

Getinge Canada Limited

Gloria Zive

Global Insulation & Renovations

Glenn Chan

Gowling, Lafleur & Henderson LLP

Gordon Kirke

Grayson, Christina & Jestyn Lew

Graeme Mckay

GRA Consultants Inc.

Green Shield Canada

Green & Spiegel

Great Wall International Investment Ltd.

Gurpreet Minhas/ Dharampal Minhas

Groupe Aeroplan Inc.

H. Ward & June Cosburn

Gwen Farrow

Guy and Emily Bonnell

Harrah’s Operating Company Inc.

Harold M. Curry

Habib Canadian Bank (Mr. Muslim Hassan)

$10,000 - $24,999

Heart Health Institute

Hassan Jaffer

Harry and Jacqueline Maclean

Helen Walton

Hedy Hung Lin Chan

Hogan Chev Olds Limited

Hip Hip Hooray

Herbert & Marian Sims

Horace Mun Lun Lam

Honeywell Limited

Honda Canada Inc.

Howard & Anita Gutterman & Family

Hospitality Network

Hugh Brown

Hubert Anthony Gittens

Huan C. Li

ILINDEN Heritage and Cultural Association of Ontario

Ian & Donna Campbell

In Memory of Florence Bradley

In Memory of Doris Brown

In memory of Barbara Sawyer

In Memory of John Koon Ip

In Memory of Govind Sharma

In Memory of George Kerr

$10,000 - $24,999

Indu M. Desai

In Memory of Yu Chen Wei

In Memory of Richard Sledzinski

Integrated Planning & Solutions Corporation

Inger Yeomans

Ippolito Transportation Inc.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353

Interac Corp.

Irene M. So

Irene & Andrew Bishop

J.J. Barnicke Limited Insignia

Islamic Institute of Toronto

Irene Phan

Jaffna Hindu College Association

Jacqueline & Dr. Robert Lamont

Jacqueline & Dr. Allan Abramovitch

James and Beverley Smith

James & Irene Lei

James P. Long

James Morrissey

James and Violet To

Janet Dalicandro & Doug Thompson

Jane S. Nixon

James Schweitzer

$10,000 - $24,999

Javaid Ali Khan

Janice & Dr. T.G. Ricketts

Jian Hing Foodmart

Jeremy Donath

Jay Kaufman

Joachim Gerhard Hans Menzel

Jim & Victoria Parent

Jill Carman

Joan and David Hansen

Joan & Stuart Rodgers

John & Chantal Cochrane & Family

Joe Spencer

Joanne Moffitt

John and Mary Cassaday

John Alexander Fleck and Leticia Sandoval Fleck

John A. Baltus

John Cassaday

John Boddy Developments Limited

Jok Leung Yick

John Larsen

John K. Ip

Joyce & Dr. Ralph Hodd

Joseph C. Cowdrey

Joseline Sikorski

$10,000 - $24,999

Judy Thomas

Joyce W. Pearson

Justin Poy

June Dewar

Julia Tung

Karlis & Anitra Leksers

Karen Gordon & Jeff, Ben & Natalie Bangs

Kalli Management Limited

Kassia & Musharaf Anwar

Karlis Leksers

Keilhauer Industries Ltd.

Kathy McCarthy

Katherine & Eric MacNeil

Knob Hill Farms Limited

Ken Hsu

Krishan & Jean Gupta

Kosim Group Company Inc.

Kodak Canada Ltd.

Kung Yung Ni Chu

Kula Sellathurai Family

Laurel Jackson

Lastman’s Bad Boy Furniture and Appliances Limited

Labatt’s Ontario Brewers

Lee Cho Kwong

$10,000 - $24,999

Lawrence Yi-Zia Hwang & Amy Jung-Tse Lin

Leland Industries Inc.

Lee Tak Wai Foundation

Lee Fang & Wilson Chai

Lesley Y.C. Yan

Leone Sandbrook

LifeScan Canada Ltd.

Liberty Health

Leung Bing Lee

Linda Hamawaki

Lilian Brooks-Dowsett

Lifetronics Medical Inc.

Liz & Tony Comper Foundation

Linda Young

Luise & Uno Pold

Lucky Supply Inc.

Louise LeBlanc

M. Jean Sibbick

Lytan Investment Inc.

Lynne Anderson

Mabel Pillar

M.E. & Dr. Kenneth Clarke

Manley Insurance Brokers Inc.

Manchuria Investments Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Mackenzie Financial Corporation

Margaret & J.W. Kidder

Margaret & Frederick Philpot

Margaret Kahng

Margaret Gooch

Margaret & Paul Kawaja

Marie & Hugh Ferguson

Margaret M. Leeman

Marilyn & David Brandon

Marie Perta

Marie Ferguson

Marjorie & Diane Liverpool

Marion & Robert McCowan

Martin Felsky

Marlene & Barry Gage

Mark McCain

Marvin & Barbara Arbuck & Family

Martinway Plaza Limited

Mary & Roy Horney

Mary & Dr. Alan Tinmouth

Marvin Starr

McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Mayne Pharma (Canada) Inc.

Masonic Foundation of Ontario

$10,000 - $24,999

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

McDonald’s – Kingston Road and Port Union

Medcan Financial Services Ltd.

McKesson Canada

McKesson Automation

Michael Barrack

Mentor Medical Systems Canada

Michael Mantsios

Michael Filosa

Michael E. Claener

Michele, Peter, Nicholas & Alexis Varela

Michele James

Mildred & Milan Nash

Michelle Ko

Michelle Kam

Miriam Isenberg

Miriam & Dr. Abraham Gelbloom

Mohammad Asghar

Mohamad B. Ghadaki

Mirja Williamson

Muhammad Yunus & Nelofer Malik

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.

Molson Coors Canada

Myra Holliday

$10,000 - $24,999

Muslim & Marzia Hassan & Family

National Bank of Canada

Nathalie & Dr. Jack Stein

Myrna S. Malapit

Naveed Ul-Hassan

Nava Wilson Law LLP

NOMA Corporation

Nick’s No Frills Agincourt Mall

Nelson Yan

Normak Fashions Inc.

Noranda Inc.

Norton Simon Canada Inc.

North York Rehab Centre

Norman Phan

Ogden Funeral Home

Oatley, Vigmond LLP

Nycomed Canada Inc.

Order of the Eastern Star

OPG Employees’ & Pensioners’ Charity Trust

Pamela Marshall

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp.

Owens Corning Foundation

Parkway Honda

Parkin Architects Limited

$10,000 - $24,999

Paul & Margaret O’Connor

Patrick Metcalfe

Par-Med Property Services Inc.

Paule & Hugh Scott

Paul Lenneard

Peter Lam

Peter Barbeito & Beverley Shugg Barbeito

Peter & Anna Landry

Peter Wan Kee Kwan & Jenny Sau Chun Yeung

Peter Shizuma Ito

Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

Philips Electronics Ltd.

Pey Lih Sun

Po Lin Chow

Ping T. Tan

Prudent Property Management

Proskauer Rose LLP

Powerline Plus Ltd.

Ramesh – Billa Appliances LTD.

R. Lorne Berggren

R. David Radford

RE/MAX Community Realty Inc., Brokerage

Raymond & Gloria Hunter

Rexall Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

Reno Canada International

Regis Hairstylists Ltd.

Rio Algom Limited

Richard Wong & Fei-Fei Liu

Rhonda Seidman-Carlson

Robert Curtis

Robert Campbell

Robin Fillingham

Robert, Christine, Alison, Oliver Williams

Robert G. Cutts

Ron Warr

Roland Beaulieu

Roche Canada

Ronald Walmsley

Ronald Awde Architect


Rose & Peter Chan

Rosalie Zaldin

Rotary Club of Agincourt

Ross Fullerton

Ross & Heather Inkpen

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 11

Roy Kumble

Rotary Club of York

$10,000 - $24,999

Royal Lepage

Royal Canadian Legion Oakridge Branch 73

S&C Electric Canada Limited

Rybka Smith & Ginsler Limited

Rudolf Bernhardt

Sally Filosa

Safetech Environmental Limited

Sandra Marion Madden

Sandra Levy

Sandra Burnside

Sara Ching

Santha Maintenance Ltd.

Scarboro Mazda

Scarboro Golf & Country Club Ltd.

Scarb Gastro Associates – Dr. Madala, Tran, Yeung

Scarborough General Obstetric Group

Scarborough Fire Haunted House

Scarborough City Cab

Schering-Plough Canada

Scarborough Village Seniors

Sharon Keays

Shahidul Khandker

Sears Canada Charitable Foundation

Shirley Martin

$10,000 - $24,999

Sherifa Ma

Shaw Communications Inc.

Shoppers Drug Mart #1388

Shoppers Drug Mart #1314

Shoppers Drug Mart #826

Shoppers Drug Mart #811

Shoppers Drug Mart #800

Shoppers Drug Mart #860

Shoppers Drug Mart #859

Shoppers Drug Mart #856

Shuet Yuk Lim

Shoppers Drug Mart #883

Silver Springs Community Association M. Del Grande & E. Partridege

Siemens Building Technologies Ltd.

Shun Xing Li

Sin Kuen Yip

Simon Ng

Sit Lai Leung

Sir Samuel B. Steele Junior Public School

Sing Tao Media Group (Canada)


Sleep Management Group

Sky Garden Ladies Association

Somatic Assessments & Treatment Clinic Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999

Soli (Sorabji) Pestonji

Star Temple Incorporated

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Scarb.

Sri Lanka Islamic Foundation of Ontario

Steve & Anne Bochen

Stella Li

Summit Cosmetics Inc.

Sue & Tony Cesaroni

Stuart Isherwood

Susan Bull

Susan & Tim Lorimer

Sunatul Jamaat of Ontario Canada

Susan Harrison

Susan Evans

Tahira Hassan

Sylvia & George Reesor

Susan K. Appleton

Teknicor Corp.

Taylor, Nicholas, Sue, & Perry Dellelce

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Toronto

Terry & Janet Brazill

Templeton Management Limited

The Atkinson Charitable Foundation

The Arthur Press

$10,000 - $24,999

Thavaraj Family

The Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada

The Benjamin Foundation

The Caldwell Partners International Inc.

The Brimell Group

The Brand Factory

The Estate of Ada Elizabeth Hill

The Elahi Family

The Dove Intercultural Society in Canada

The Estate of Donald William Pearson

The Estate of Alex Lepenins

The Estate of Elizabeth M. Reeves

The Estate of Dorothy Scott

The Estate of Dorothy Bell Douglas

The Estate of Kenneth Worrall

The Estate of Enid Harling

The Estate of Ella May Harding

The Estate of Maurice James McConnell

The Estate of Margaret French

The Estate of Rita Dias

The Estate of Olivia Jean Steane

The Estate of Mildred Moore

The Good Harvest Trust

The Estate of Wilhelmina M. Rutherford

$10,000 - $24,999

The Estate of Ruth J. Ward

The Independent Order of Foresters

The Hatanaka Family Foundation

The Mutual Group

The Mitsui Canada Foundation

The McLean Foundation

The Scarboro Golf & Country Club Ltd.

The Printing House Ltd.

The Northern Trust Company, Canada Branch

The TAC Trust

The Sunderji Family

Thelma Fysh & Kenneth Guilbert

The Wofoo Trust

Ti Foods

Thomas and June Abel

Theresa Keilhauer

Ting Chuan & Tia Ma Tang

Timen Ho & Ling Hing Ho-Lai

Timeline Printing Inc.

TLC Pharmaceutical Standards Ltd.

Tishan and Nicole Mills Foundation

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club

Tommy Li

Tomi Nishio

$10,000 - $24,999

Toronto Police Association

Toronto Community News

Toronto Civic Employees’ Union Local 416

Tridel Corporation

Toshiba of Canada Ltd.

TSD Insurance Agency Ltd.

Triovest Realty Advisors Inc

Tze Soo Chiu & Shung Tsai Chiu

TSH Staff Charity Golf Tournament

TSH – Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Ulla & Dr. Hermann Seiz

Tze-Leung and May Li

Verna M. Ainsworth

Verna Chen & Danny Zhao

Vera Avril & Lawrence Preston Tomkins

Violet & Dr. James Dickie

Vimalaranee & Dr. T. Sooriabalan

Victor & Grace Cramer

Vivian Chan

Vito Bigioni

Wayland Chan

Warden Birch Properties Inc.

Vivian L. Wong Goe

White Rose Home & Garden Centres

$10,000 - $24,999

Wexford Heights BIA

William Knoll

William and Pamela Gilchrist

William & Carol Heath

Woolworth Canada Inc.

Woodside Square Shopping Centre

Wind Mobile

Yao-Tung Juan

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Yeu Chun Leung

Yee Yim Wong

Yazdi & Guloo Bharucha

Yona & Zev Frishman

Yik Cheung Kwok

Yeung & Associates Professional Corporation

Zena Vaz and in loving memory of Collin Vaz

Zbigniew Przada

Zurich Canada

Zhendong Wang & Family

Zhen Project Mgm Ltd

$25,000 - $49,999

(Chuck) M. Qasim Choksi

Aegon Canada

Abbott Laboratories Limited

8 Anonymous

Allergan Inc.

Ali Akman

Albert G. Jameson

Amazing Custom Fabricators Inc.

Altree Developments

Anita & Jerry Dermer

Amgen Canada Inc.

Amelia McCutcheon

Anna & Alex Kremer

Ann McCain-Evans

Ann and Gord Moore

Arnold D. Tepperman

Anthony Kiriakou

Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc.

Arthur Andersen & Co.

Arsandco Investments Limited

Bala Selvam Family

Automatic Coating Ltd.

Barbara Bennett

Barbara & Dr. Henry Krieger

$25,000 - $49,999

Barbara & Charles Cutts

Berendina & Craig Hind

Barrick Gold Corporation

Bochner Eye Institute

Bob W. Dobson

Birch Cliff Lodge AF & AM No. 612 GRC

Bridlewoode Place Shared Facilities

Brian Greenslade

Bregman + Hamann Architects

Business Development Bank of Canada

Bull HN Information Systems Limited

Carol A. Morrissey

Cardiac Care Network

Cara Flemming

Cecil Hawkins and Susan Hawkins

Casa Deluz Banquet Hall

Conam Charitable Foundation

Charlie Fu, Shirley & Iris Chan

Cedric and Susan Hope

Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd

Corporation of the City of Scarborough


Cynthia Lee

Craig Hind Chrysler Dodge Jeep

$25,000 - $49,999

David M. Campbell

Dave Saunders

Dan Cass

De Catarina Fine Leather Goods

Davis + Henderson

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Diana’s Seafood Delight

Dennis Hewitt

Don Patel

DOM International

Diane & Dr. Larry Erlick

Dr. Albert Cheskes

Doris McCarthy

Doris & Dr. Donald Shier

Dr. Beth Warren & Dr. Eric Hurowitz

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon

Dr. Allan Toguri

Dr. Clare O’Brien

Dr. Carol Peng

Dr. Gerald Friedman

Dr. David Rose, Marlene Kates & Family

Dr. Corey Weigensberg

Dr. James Rathbun

Dr. Herman Gelber

$25,000 - $49,999

Dr. Godfrey Kim

Dr. Joan P. Jeu

Dr. Jed Rabinovitch

Dr. James Woo

Dr. John Wright

Dr. John Murphy

Dr. Lianne Jeffs

Dr. Larry Lazarou

Dr. Joseph Woon-Lim & Norma Chin-Sam

Dr. Michael Chang

Dr. Markus Prieditis

Dr. Nouri Shammas

Dr. Norman Chu

Dr. Michael Mah

Dr. Raymond Stein

Dr. Raymond Goh

Dr. Peter C. F. Liu

Dr. Stephen & Rebecca Barsky

Dr. Scholl Foundation

Dr. Thomas Chan

Dr. Steve Y.C. Liu

Dr. Steve Gazzola

Dr. William Baldwin

Dr. Wayne Carman

$25,000 - $49,999

Dr. Trudy Poggemiller

Edwin Hogarth

Edward R. Fleury

Dr. Zakir & Dr. Susmita Esufali

Elton Kin-Ming & Viola Chiu-Yung Cheung

Eileen M. Mason

Estate of Alice Dolorese Cameron

Eric MacNeil

EMC Corporation

Fai & Portia Sham

Estate of William Ernest Lardner

Estate of Nita Zachary

Formula Honda Inc.

Flora Mei-Yueh Tao

Glen Nova Construction Limited

GE Canada

G.I.M in Honour of Georgette & Ian Morrison

Greg Coleman

Grace Whyte

Government of Canada – Receiver General

Guild Electric Limited

Griffith Laboratories

HBC Foundation

Harbridge & Cross Limited

$25,000 - $49,999

Hang-Yung Chiu-Lam

Henry Nasr

Helen Campbell

Heathwood Homes (Mississauga) Ltd.

Hoops Sports Bar & Grill

Hjordis I. Stig

Hudson’s Bay Company

Hospira Healthcare Corporation

Ida Li & Glenn Chan

ICICI Bank Canada

Human Concern International

In Memory of K.F. Chan & S.S. Lao

In Memory of Janet Allison Cleland

Investors Group

In Memory of Richard Normandeau

In Memory of Nelson King

James Boyko and Martha Boyko

Iu Tai Ho

Janet Yao

Jane Higgins

James Melville Marks

Jean Radford

Janice Pound

Jerrett Funeral Homes

$25,000 - $49,999

Jemamie & Stewart Trussler

Jeffrey M. Spodek

JoAnne & David Isbister

Jim Peros

Jessie F. Head

John H. Young

John Chute & Associates

Joseph & Lillian Maybin

Jonathan Ruben

John S. Anthony

Ken & Jane Ogaki

Keith H. Wong

Katy Driver

Khairia & Helmi Rahman

Keroo (Kay) M. Polishwala

Krylov & Company Barristers

Knights of Columbus – Scarborough Council #3296

Kiwanis Club of Scarborough Inc.

Lawrence Avenue Group Limited

Laurel & Dr. Steven Jackson

Lata, Raman, Monika, Suneel Mistry

Letna Allen-Rowe

Lee Development Group

Loblaws Companies Limited

$25,000 - $49,999

Linda McCain & Daniel Walshe

Linda & Leo Slocombe

Mable Chiu

M.H. Acquisitions Inc.

Lyn McDonell & Keith Faucette

Manley Sales

Maclean Hunter Cable TV

Margaret & Eugene Joseph

Marek Hospitality

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Margaret R. Joseph

Margaret Ivanisko & Terry Moynihan

Margaret Birch

Mary Lou Carter

Mary Lou & J. Wesley Carter

Merck Canada Inc.

Melvin Millar


Mill Street Brewery

Mi-Chen Chow

Michael & Angela Mazza

Nobis Inc.

Ms. Letna Healing Hope Foundation

North American Muslim Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

Norman A. Rees

Norman & Marsha Paul

Patricia Hiroko Takamatsu

Olive Enman

Olive & William Enman

Paul Tompkins

Paul & Dr. Sherryn* Roth

Peter Sabourin

Paula K. Hurley

Prime + Care Health Centre

Precise ParkLink Inc.

Peter Tossios

Pushpamani Nadarajah

Prudential Insurance Co. of America

Ralph & Maureen Phillips Family Foundation

R. Keith Edmondson

RBC Private Client Group

Raza Nasser

Rama Gaming East

Richmond Hill Christian Community Church

Recognized in 154308

RE/MAX Community Realty Inc., Brokerage

Robert & Dianne Cooke

Rita Hui

$25,000 - $49,999

Roberta Gooch Peters & Terry Peters

Robert Tubbesing

Robert and Doris Biron

Rotary Club of Scarborough

Rosella & Harvey Northern

Robin & Howard Berglas

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 13

Royal Canadian Legion

Roy & Elizabeth Bragg

Sandra Schmirler Foundation

Ruth & Dr. Paul Pitt

Scarborough Nephrologists

Scarborough Chinese Business Association

Scarborotown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.

Shoppers Drug Mart #1301

Shiu-Choi Cho

Scotia McLeod Inc.

Shoppers Drug Mart #501

Shoppers Drug Mart #1509

Shoppers Drug Mart #875

Shoppers Drug Mart #847

Shoppers Drug Mart #846

Shoppers Drug Mart #963

Shoppers Drug Mart #880

$25,000 - $49,999

Shout Clinic

Shorcan Brokers Limited

Shoppers Drug Mart #980

Source Medical

Smucker Foods of Canada Co.

Simon Nyilassy

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Stanley Kwan

Standard Parking of Canada Inc.

Stuart Rutledge

Stuart & Jennifer Rutledge

Takaful Canada Inc./Ansar Financial

Sushrat Mehan

Susan Hawkins

The Eaton Foundation

The Cableshoppe Inc

Telephone Pioneers of America

The Estate of Alfred W. Norton

The Eric and Betty Tipping Foundation

The Estate of Bertram Hardacre

The Estate of Arthur Robinson

The Estate of Anne Allen

The Estate of Eleanor May Wright

The Estate of Egbert Carlton Aloysious Lees

$25,000 - $49,999

The Estate of David H. Sykes

The Estate of Harold Edwin Noel

The Estate of Forman Lawrence

The Estate of Mary Alberta Walker

The Estate of Leona Adeline Thurston

The Estate of Ida Maud Lillian Ellam

The Estate of Patricia Snider

The Estate of Morris Turk

The Estate of Sigmund Kuperstein

The Estate of Ruth Eileen Donaldson

The Estate of Raymond Stuart Potten

The Estate of Yvonne Nathalie Ogg

The Estate of Vasilios Vasiliadis

The Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation

The Michael and Carol Mueller Family Foundation

The Globe and Mail

The Shirdi Sai Mandir

The Ralph and Barbara Bennett Fund

The Wood Gundy Charitable Foundation

The Wolf Lebovic Charitable Foundation

Tze-Leung & May Li

Tim Hortons Store Owners of Toronto

Virginia & D’Arcy Sweeney

Vincent L. Lobraico

$25,000 - $49,999

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

Worden-Watson Limited

Wai-Leung Tang & Ada Tang

Younus and Mumtaz Khan

$50,000 - $99,999

4 Anonymous

Ainsworth Incorporated

Agfa Inc.

ACGLKS Medicine Professional Corp.

Allan L. Whiting

Alan & Suzanne Fletcher

Asian Television Network Inc.

Andrew Lau Insurance Agency Inc.

Amazon Canada

Barbara A. Ozkan

Ava Wong & David Lepp

Black & Decker Canada

Bernard Sliwin

Beer Store

Bulk Pharmaceuticals

Bramalea Inc.

Black & McDonald Limited

Canadian Pacific Charitable Foundation

Canadian Clothing Int’l Inc.

Cecilia Pik-Ling Tam

Carol Peng

Canadian Tamil Medical Association

Dawn & Michael O’Leary


$50,000 - $99,999

Centennial College

Dr. Ashok Mukherjee

Dineen Construction Corporation

Dr. Elizabeth Hartley and Alan Schwartz

Dr. Catharine Whiteside

Dr. James “Jim” H. Swan

Dr. J. Eric Goode

Dr. Georgina Wilcock

Dr. Karim Janmohamed

Dr. John Rieger

Dr. Saleem Kassam

Dr. Rick Clemens

Dr. Narendra Singh

Elaine Yeung

Earl Veitch

DSL Travellers’ Tours

Ellesmere Fabricators Ltd.

Eli Lilly Canada Incorporated

Estate of Ann Dzick in Memory of Mrs. Mae Salter

Eric Tipping

EllisDon Corporation

Estate of David Moore

Estate of Claire Marie Snowball

Estate of Heldur Joe

$50,000 - $99,999

Estate of Earl W. Lee

Estate of Douglas Earl Jones

Estate of Mary Chien

Estate of Marjorie Laura Howard Wilson

Estate of Hin Sheng Hung

Estate of Thelma Elsie Marjorie Thomson

Estate of Sandra Marion Madden

Estate of Mykola Pencak

Gary Kwok & Family

Flipper’s Fish House

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Gezina Steverink

General Motors of Canada Limited

Highland Farms Inc.

Grace & Raymond Lam

Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited

iA Financial Group

Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan

International Buddhist Progress Society of Toronto

International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 95

In Memory of Dr. Mariano Que

James H. Cummings Foundation, Inc.

J.P. Bickell Foundation

John B. Regan Company Limited

$50,000 - $99,999

John A. Lederer

Jerry D. & Diane Marie Bratty & Family

Johnson & Johnson Medical Products

John Tory

John D. Walters

Katherine Lai Kit Li

Judith A. Barker

Leung Wing Chiu, Mabel W Leung Szeto, & Samuel K Szeto

Leon’s Furniture Limited

Keysar & Henry Nasr

Lucullus Bakery

Lois & William Norman Kissick

Lexus on the Park

M.P. Charitable Foundation

M&S Quality Produce

Mark Wood

Manulife Financial Corporation

Mabel Woon Ping Yip

May Ye Lee

Matthew and Judy San

Martin Betts

Mental Health Council For Scarborough

Med-Chem Laboratories Limited

Michael Chang

$50,000 - $99,999

Metro and Sylvia Kopansky

Meritus Academy (Olympiads School)

Michele Goddard

Michael Yan

Michael Lo Presti & Family

Mona & Earl Robinson

Miriam & Harold Green Family Foundation

Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation

Muslim Welfare Centre

Morneau Shepell

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

North American Development Group

Otis Canada Inc.

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Optimist Club of Scarborough

Paul & Anne-Marie Tompkins

Pak-Chung Lee

Oxford Properties Group

Peter A. Lobraico

Pervez Nasim

Peter Volk

Peter and JoAnn Vanderyagt

POI Business Interiors

Philip Lee

$50,000 - $99,999

Pfizer Canada Inc.


Renee Bienvenu & Dr. James Cherry

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Robert Lawrie

Richard & Christine Hall

Ruth G. Woods

RP Investment Advisors LP

Royal De Versailles

Sam Riad

Ruth Joyce

Scarborough Muslim Community

Scarborough Cardiology Research

Sandra Kelly

Scarborough Town Centre Merchants Association

Scarborough Orthopaedic Society

Sheet Metal Workers’ and Roofers’ Local 30

Servier Canada Inc.

Sleep Country Canada

Shirley Yee

Shio Ming & Pak Chung Lee

Suganya Kodeeswaran

Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Hindu Temple

The Estate of Doris Rose Betty Duncumb

$50,000 - $99,999

The Estate of Carolyn Barbara Thomson

Sun Life Financial

The Estate of Martha Jane McKenna

The Estate of Leroy Percy Gillard

The Estate of Joyce Iris Acton

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation

The Estate of Thomas Rainey

The Zeszutek Family

The Toronto Board of Trade

The Sliwin Family

Torstar Corporation

Toronto Medical Laboratories Limited

Todd & Kathy McCarthy

Tsuen and Teresita Yeung

Tracy Chou

Toyota Canada Inc.

Victoria Von Schilling

UA Local 46

Wang Chen

Wally Gupta

Visa Canada

William Norman Kissick

Warner Music Canada Ltd.

Zess Ltd.

$50,000 - $99,999

Yvonne Hearst

YF & Rebecca Yan

$100,000 - $249,999

5 Anonymous

407 ETR

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

Apotex Inc.


Bartlett Family Restaurants Inc.

Aviva Canada Inc.

Atlantic Packaging Products Limited

Blake & Belinda Goldring

Bill and Wendy Volk Family Foundation

Buddha’s Light International Association of Toronto/Fo Guang Shan Temple

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.

Canadian Tire Scarborough Stores

Buddy Chien

Carpenter’s Union, Local 27 & 675

Cardiac Rehab Walkathon

Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Colin Hunter

Coffee Time Donuts Inc.

CAW TCA Canada

D. Naresh Mohan

D. Crupi & Sons Limited

Dr. A. Joseph Ricci & Ruth Ricci

$100,000 - $249,999


Deland & Nicole Kamanga

Dr. Robert Ting

Dr. Jordan W. Cheskes

Dr. David & Sharon Naiberg

Drs. Sandra Voice and Lloyd N. Carlsen

Dr. Tak Mak

Dr. Sophie & Dr. Emeric Hofstader

Elka Industries Inc.

Edwards Charitable Foundation

Estate of Eric MacNeil

Estate of Bruce Boris Geleff

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Estate of Irene Pearse In Memory of Arthur Wallace Pearse

Estate of Eugene Tuckar

Estate of Eric Tipping

Estate of Marie Angela Rooney

Estate of Margaret Jean Sibbick

Estate of Reid Stanley Barlow

Estate of Marjorie May Jones

Estate of Marion Louise Olsen

Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company

Evan Lai

Estate of Violet Arnott

$100,000 - $249,999

Golf Classic

Ganesan Sugumar & Family

Huseini (Sam) Cumruddin Nakhooda

Henry Chow

Hamilton Family (Arthur, Pamela, Robert & Thomas)

Intact Financial Corporation

In Memory of Thomas Schwartz, CAPREIT

IBM Canada Ltd.

JCC Restaurant Services Limited

Islamic Foundation of Toronto

Kenneth W. Reucassel

John Pang

John M. Walker

London Life Insurance Company

KPMG Foundation


Marjorie & Tom Jones

Madison Group

Mary & Arthur Heinmaa

Marsan Foods Limited

Marla & John Fryers

Neil Shore

Mona and Mahesh Aggarwal

Mary Murphy & David Ehrlich

$100,000 - $249,999

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Norma Ruth Ridley

Paul & Mary Jane Torrie

OK Transportation Limited

Pompona Consulting Inc.

Peter Wong

Paul J. Vessey

Rajul & Kamlesh Shah

R. Howard Webster Foundation

Pui Tse & Chui Lau

Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital Staff

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada

Ren Liu

Samuel Sarick

Royal Canadian Legion Scarborough Centennial Branch #614

Scarborough Muslim Association – Jame Abu Bakr Siddique

Scarborough Hockey Association Ltd.

sanofi-aventis Canada Inc.

Schuyler F.E. Bankes & Family

Scepter Corporation

Scarborough Women of Philanthropy Council

South Asian Philanthropic Council

Simon & Lana Chiu

State Farm Insurance Companies

$100,000 - $249,999

Stan Muthulingam

St. Jude Medical Canada Inc.

The Estate of Anton Ljubi

The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company

Teva Canada Limited

The Estate of Edna Margaret Fisher

The Estate of Constance Entwistle

The Estate of Lorraine Veitch

The Estate of Ingeborg Hamelink

The Estate of Gladys Keates

The Krstajic Foundation

The Garron Foundation

The Estate of Mildred Ethel Warner

Tim & Carol Devlin

The Schroeder Foundation

TSH – Department of Emergency

Torys LLP

Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association

TSH Medical Staff Association

TSH – Department of Medicine

WinnerMax Capital Inc.

Wing Yee Chow

$250,000 - $499,999

AGS Automotive Systems

Baxter Corporation (Canada)

Brenda & Cyril Richards

Brian & Carolyn Neysmith

Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce

Cineplex Entertainment LP

Dr. Paul Tam

Dineen Construction Corp.

David Muang & Family and Floors@work

Drs. Neville and Vivienne Poy

Greer & Hilda Elcombe

Jody Rita Chan

John and Jackie Walters

Joseph Lebovic

Lillian & Dr. Don Wright


Lorraine Veitch

Marjorie & Thomas Jones

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.

Nienkämper Furniture & Accessories Inc.

Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc.

P. & L. Odette Charitable Foundation

PC Financial

Provost Family

$250,000 - $499,999

Rotary Club of North Scarborough

S&B Pallets Ltd – Koneswaran Family

Scarborough Town Centre

Shoppers Drug Mart Life Foundation

The Estate of Florence Davis

Sienna for Seniors Foundation

The Estate of Ida May-Laurine Raffan

The Estate of Nellie Doreen Kingdon

The International Group

The Krawczyk Family Foundation

The Light Foundation

TSH – Department of Family Medicine

Toron Investment Management

Triplewell Canada Inc.

$500,000 - $999,999

Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye

Anna & Johannes Vlaar

Corus Entertainment

Ellesmere X-Ray Associates

Estate of Hermann Gerditschke


Patrick & Angela Hung

Ray & Jan Gupta

The Estate of Doris Lawrence

The Estate of Norman Arthur Barchard

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario

$1,000,000 - $2,499,999

4 Anonymous

ATN – Asian Television Network International Limited

BMO Financial Group

Dr. Harold & Anne Stein

Drs. Michael & Amira Dan & Family

Edmund and Fran Clark

Estate of Friedrich Klein

Estate of Janice Lynn Perrin

Farokh & Dr. Dhun Noria

George and Tami Cope

Glenna & D. James Christie

In honour of Sam and Gemma Primucci and Family

Joan Arnott

Ortho Biotech, Division of Janssen-Ortho Inc.

Peter & Helen Young


Scarborough Chinese Outreach Committee

Stephen J. Smith & Diane Blake


The Slaight Family Foundation

$2,500,000 - $4,999,999

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

Bell Canada


FDC Foundation


Scotiabank Group

TD Bank Group

1 Anonymous Donor

$5,000,000 +

Bryan and Bette Rowntree

Deepa and Narinder Lal

Orlando Corporation

Temerty Foundation

The Northpine Foundation

The Scarborough Hospital Volunteers