Get Involved

There are countless ways you can help imagine what we could do with more. By donating your time as an event volunteer, being part of our Community Philanthropic Councils, or fundraising for us in whatever way you choose, you are having an impact.


Volunteers at the first-ever SHN ZOO DAY!

At SHN Foundation, volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without their tireless efforts and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to support our Scarborough hospitals and their goal of providing exceptional quality care. From helping out at our events to providing administrative support and working on various projects, our volunteers play a critical role in advancing our cause. We are inspired every day by their commitment to the community and how they make a difference.

Rama Gaming House Toronto East

Thank you to Rama Gaming House Toronto East for supporting our Scarborough Hospitals. With your support we have raised over $150,000 for healthcare in Scarborough.

If you would like to become one of our Volunteer Ambassadors for our Charitable Gaming program please sign up here.

Tell Us Your Story of Grit

We want to hear your story of Scarborough GRIT. That passion that drives you, that fire that doesn’t take no for an answer. Whether you have a personal story of overcoming obstacles, an experience in our hospitals that your healthcare teams went above and beyond, or anything in between–we want to hear from you! Your story may be featured on SHN channels (with your permission), and we may be in touch to hear more about your experiences.

Members of the Scarborough Women of Philanthropy (SWOP) Philanthropic Council at the annual Sip, Shop & Celebrate event

Our Philanthropic Councils are dedicated groups of volunteers who share a common goal–to support Scarborough hospitals through the power of community.

The vision for the Philanthropic Councils is to create a voice for advocacy and diversity through supporting SHN. Through information sharing and engaging in feedback and exchange, council executives act as an inclusive voice from a culturally diverse perspective. Specifically, each council cultivates events identified by its members and is responsible for identifying and soliciting prospective major gifts within the community, while also focusing effort on motivating advocacy and political movement.

Members will discover the power of joining their voices and giving together, all for our common interest, our health. If you are interested in joining one of our Philanthropic Councils, please contact us below.

Want to start your own fundraiser with proceeds going to your community hospital? You can fundraise your way through our Show Your Love portal! Whatever your idea, you can create your own fundraiser using our platform to gather donations. From baking to running to gaming, anything can become a fundraiser!

Discover how Gladys honoured her mother through her own fundraiser >>

Cause Marketing for Businesses

Cause marketing is also an easy way for you or your business to raise funds for our Scarborough hospitals!

A cause marketing campaign can help increase revenue, brand loyalty, and demonstrate that you are committed to your community by partnering with SHN Foundation.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact our Community Development team: communitydevelopment@shn.ca