Our Scarborough Community

At the heart of Toronto is one of the country’s most diverse communities, Scarborough. Over the past 20 years, Scarborough’s DNA has continued to transform, grow and evolve at an immense pace, becoming more culturally, socially, religiously and racially diverse.

This diversity has become the community’s greatest strength. Together, it creates a rich mosaic that defines Scarborough’s unique character and embodies the vast potential that our citizens, our families, and our children can contribute to and benefit from into the future.

Despite such future potential, Scarborough also faces significant health and other determinants of health challenges that impact our community in distinct and demanding ways.

Our Community by SHN Foundation

Scarborough is a “diabetes hotspot” due to its cultural and ethnic makeup. As a result, culturally prevalent conditions such as chronic kidney disease and sickle cell anemia require access to innovative, inclusive care closer to home. Scarborough is also home to a significant portion of residents living in low-income status, often struggling to make ends meet while facing unique limitations on their health and access to quality health care.

It is crucial that SHN takes the lead in addressing these challenges within Scarborough to improve our community’s health and well-being and combat the growing intensity of health challenges facing our future.