We are redeveloping our hospital buildings and facilities for the future of Scarborough’s healthcare

Redevelopment at SHN

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) has big plans underway to “Build It Forward” for the future of our community’s healthcare. 

SHN’s Birchmount, Centenary, and General hospitals were built in 1985, 1967, and 1956, respectively. Healthcare has come a long way over the last 70 years, with innovation, groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technology contributing to better health outcomes. The Scarborough community needs a dramatic expansion of health services, and we are rewriting our story to bring our community the infrastructure and equipment to match our exceptional medical and clinical talent. 

SHN is embarking on ambitious capital expansion and renewal projects through a multi-year redevelopment strategy (Master Plan) that will ensure our hospitals’ services and facilities meet Scarborough’s evolving needs into the future, and transform healthcare for our diverse and growing community. ​

But we can’t do it alone. SHN must raise our local share to make these exciting projects a reality. Like all Ontario hospitals, we are responsible for 10% of all infrastructure costs and 100% of all new equipment to ensure our exceptional healthcare teams have the tools they need to continue caring for our community.

You can help SHN build it forward by joining the Love, Scarborough campaign and donating today.

The Ministry of Health’s capital planning process provides oversight of each of SHN’s capital planning and redevelopment projects, through a rigorous approval process consisting of three stages. Each stage builds on information developed from the previous stage, moving from planning through design and implementation. Stakeholder engagement is essential and is taking place at each step of the process.

Planning Principles

In our redevelopment and expansion work, SHN will:

  • Enhance our patients’ experience and access to healthcare
  • Enhance the experience and well-being of our staff, physicians, volunteers, and learners
  • Conduct evidence-based planning that meets the needs of our growing community
  • Embed innovation in every step, from new models of care to technology-enabled facilities
  • Conduct engagement throughout Planning and Design
  • Build for future flexibility and adaptability

SHN’s redevelopment and expansion projects will be a multi-year investment that will shape the future of our community’s healthcare.

When a new hospital is built in Ontario, the provincial government agrees to pay the majority of the hospital construction costs, but not the entire cost. The communities served by the hospital are responsible for a local share of the project. The “local share” of financing the project is a government requirement, estimated to be between 25-30 per cent of the total project cost, and includes a portion of the total project cost, as well costs for new equipment, furniture, fixtures, and parking lot infrastructure.

We are grateful that the Ontario Government will be investing more than $1 billion into several projects for SHN and to our generous donors who have supported the Love, Scarborough campaign. All funds raised will support critical, immediate projects like expanding our emergency departments, innovating diagnostic imaging, improving kidney care, and removing barriers to mental health care.