“10 years ago, SHN saved my life,” Ally Ladak says, recounting the critical care he received at SHN’s Centenary Hospital.   

He saw an interventional cardiologist who changed the course of his life.  

“He was going to put a stent in, but he said, ‘Guess what? You don’t need a stent; you need to lose some weight and take the cardiac rehab program,'” recounted Ally. By adhering to this advice, Ally avoided surgery and embarked on a path of recovery that fundamentally changed his lifestyle and perspective on health.  

“I was given a second chance at life,” said Ally. “I want to do what I can with the time I have left to make a difference. I want to leave behind a fund for SHN that will generate a better quality of life for the next generation.”  

Ally is not only a donor to SHN Foundation but was also inspired by his experiences to become a Patient Family Advisor (PFA) at SHN. He dedicates himself to helping others facing similar health challenges.   

“Based on my healthcare, I can support others who are stressed about going in for surgery or have anxiety,” he explains.   

Ally draws on his own experiences and insights to offer comfort and guidance to patients on their health journeys. Fluent in multiple languages, he effectively communicates with Scarborough’s diverse population. His commitment to the community is evidenced by his receipt of a 10-year volunteer award from SHN and the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medal.  

Ally aims to set an example for others. “By giving my time as a volunteer, I hope to inspire others to volunteer and by donating I hope to inspire others to see the value in supporting healthcare and the critical role of public health.”   

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