Sam Watt, a dedicated social worker at SHN for over twenty years, has played a pivotal role in community support through extensive volunteer work. Originally from Hong Kong, Sam has made significant contributions through his volunteer work at SHN, where he has lived, raised a family, and served since becoming a permanent resident in 1992. His deep roots were further established when his older son was born at SHN’s General Hospital.

Sam serves clients with kidney disease and diabetes at SHN. His work extends to the Scarborough Kids Development Clinic, where he provides support to parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In recent years, Sam has been heavily involved in facilitating support groups and workshops for people with chronic diseases and their caregivers.

Driven by the needs of patients and fueled by his Christian faith, Sam began volunteering at SHN to provide vital support outside his official duties. His volunteer work has varied from taking calls at SHN’s Annual Chinese Radiothon to translating for Cantonese and Mandarin patients to participating in educational sessions on diversity and respect. Sam has also co-led self-management education groups for chronic disease patients, highlighting his commitment to patient education and empowerment. 

Sam encourages others to consider volunteering, emphasizing that it enriches not only the lives of recipients but also those of the volunteers themselves. Sam’s story is a testament to the grit and compassion that drive Scarborough, inspiring others to contribute and strengthen the bonds within the community. Thank you, Sam, for your long-standing service, volunteerism, and direct patient support.

Annisa Mohammed, a dedicated volunteer at SHN Foundation has played a pivotal role in leading the next generation of learners by example through her profession and volunteer work. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Annisa moved to Canada in 1971 and has been living in Scarborough ever since. Since becoming a Scarborough resident, Annisa has made significant contributions to the community she describes as home.

Annisa began teaching at Centennial College after owning a successful travel agency, working at an organization that facilitated medical conferences worldwide as well as teaching night school courses at a private college. Annisa has dedicated her time to SHNF for the past 8 years. She is a proud member of the Scarborough Women of Philanthropy Council and is the current Silent Auction Co-Chair for our Annual Sip, Shop & Celebrate event. She is also one of the newest faces of our Love, Scarborough campaign

Annisa is a proud Scarborough resident and encourages everyone to learn about the importance of philanthropy to help with the challenges our hospitals face. To Annisa, community is all about giving back if you’re able to do so, which she says she has luckily been able to for years. Thank you Annisa for your commitment to supporting Scarborough hospitals.

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