Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation held it’s Annual Donor Reception on April 2, where stories of resilience and groundbreaking innovation highlighted the vital impact of community support. Nearly 150 donors came together to celebrate their love for Scarborough and their passion for advancing care in one of Canada’s most diverse communities. These dedicated and longstanding donors are integral to our Love, Scarborough campaign that is currently raising $200 million for urgent projects across SHN’s three hospitals – Birchmount, Centenary, and General.

The reception showcased interactive stations, including the “Doctor at the Door” model of
emergency care. This innovative approach, to be implemented at the new Northpine Emergency
Department (ED) at Centenary Hospital, aims to reduce wait times in the ED by 90%. Another key highlight was the StealthStation ENT, a cutting-edge surgical navigation system representing a significant advancement in ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) surgery. SHN Foundation is actively fundraising for this tool that promises to enhance surgical precision.

Among the evening’s most moving moments was the story shared by Anna Ponce, a grateful
patient and dedicated supporter of SHN. After her father-in-law’s sudden death from a genetic
condition in the ED at SHN’s Centenary Hospital, Dr. James Swan’s guidance led her family to
lifesaving genetic testing. This experience highlights the critical role of SHN’s care and spurred
Anna’s commitment to giving back.”The Love, Scarborough campaign has been powerful in so many ways,

but for my husband and I, it truly began our healing process,” she shared.

Equally impactful were the words of Domenic Primucci, President & CEO of Pizza Nova, an
SHN Foundation Board Member and donor, who shared his journey of humble beginnings. “Scarborough is a significant part of our story, and I’m proud to give back,” he said. “I’ve done many jobs throughout the years starting with a dishwasher, I can wash a mean dish let me tell you.” His dedication to giving back to the community stems from a profound appreciation for the support his business has received over the years. In honour of Pizza Nova’s 60th anniversary, this commitment was exemplified through a $1 million donation to support SHN.

The event not only celebrated the impact of current donor contributions but also looked forward
to future projects, such as the redevelopment of Birchmount Hospital and the creation of a new
Education and Research Centre to support Scarborough’s new medical school.

SHN has done more than anyone thought possible with less than anyone could imagine. Now, thanks to the transformative power of community support and generous donors, they can imagine what they
can do with more.