SHN Foundation is back with an evolution of the immensely successful Love, Scarborough campaign to help raise funds for our Scarborough hospitals.  

The first chapter brought awareness to the immense healthcare inequities we face in Scarborough and asked Toronto to back us up by donating. The campaign marked a significant shift for SHN and our three hospitals–Birchmount, Centenary, and General–by helping raise our profile, but more importantly, starting to raise critical donations to support urgent upgrades for our hospitals. 

Thanks to generous donors and supporters across Toronto and the GTA, Love, Scarborough helped raise an incredible $156 million to help close the gap between exceptional care and aging facilities. These funds will finally allow SHN to begin to address significant obstacles we face after decades of being left behind–like overcapacity emergency departments, a growing demand for life-saving dialysis care, and improving access to community mental health care. 

The second chapter of Love, Scarborough demonstrates the resilience and determination of our SHN healthcare workers as they provide exceptional quality care to patients. This grit allows them to overcome and do more than anyone thought possible, with less than anyone could imagine. Like performing some of the highest number of surgeries in Ontario’s oldest operating rooms and caring for 200,000+ emergency patients in ERs built for half. 

Now, we’re asking donors to imagine what we could do with more support. 

In addition to a new commercial, we have advertisements featuring 11 new faces of our Scarborough Sans Family – hospital staff, community members, donors, and patients – all over the GTA, including TTC subway platforms, bus stops, billboards, screens at Scotiabank Arena, Yonge-Dundas Square, and more. These 11 individuals have stories of Scarborough Grit, that represent the campaign theme – optimism and success in the face of innumerable obstacles.

Donations for Love, Scarborough will drive progress forward and support capital projects, including: 

  • Creating Toronto’s most modern Diagnostic Imaging Department at the General Hospital 
  • Building Canada’s first no-wait Emergency Department at Centenary Hospital
  • Removing barriers to community mental health care across the network 
  • Innovating chronic kidney disease and diabetes treatment through the Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre; and, 
  • Evolving research and education to support the new SHN Research Institute and Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH) in partnership with the University of Toronto  

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