Since the early 90s, Ed Bauza has been navigating the challenges of kidney disease with the help of dialysis treatment at Scarborough Health Network (SHN), marking over a quarter-century of unwavering support and high-quality care.
“I was diagnosed at Scarborough General Hospital by Dr. Robert Ting, and ever since then I have started dialysis treatment to save my life. The care I received from all the doctors and nurses has always been amazing,” he says.  

When Ed and his wife Elvira immigrated to Scarborough, he worked for 30 years in Canada before retiring and settling down in the community that he loves to call home. It was during his working years that he was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy (Berger Disease) – a disease in which protein builds up, causing inflammation and damage to the kidney’s filtering units.

Ed has always been supported by his wife Elvira, who has been very involved in his medical journey.

“Ed survived this long because I made sure to keep his medical history together. I have a list of all his specialists, medications, illnesses, everything you can think of,” says Elvira.  

In 2005, Ed got called for a kidney transplant and was given a second chance at life.  

“I had a cadaver kidney transplant, and even though I don’t know his name, I am very thankful. I had that kidney up until 2017,” he says. “After 12 years the kidney failed, and ever since then I have returned to Scarborough General Hospital to continue getting dialysis.” 

March is Kidney Health Month, a time to shine a light on kidney disease and the impact it has on patients like Ed. His story highlights the pressing need for the expansion of dialysis services in Scarborough, a community where over 59% of residents are new Canadians. Many of these individuals are at a heightened genetic risk of developing diabetes and kidney disease, factors that contribute significantly to the increased demand for such healthcare services.

SHN operates one of the largest Regional Nephrology Programs in North America – caring for more than 6,000 patients every year. Its exceptional nephrology doctors, nurses, and staff save countless lives each day however, the need for dialysis is growing, and the existing spaces are aging and will not be able to keep up with future demands. 

The Love, Scarborough campaign, alongside the proposed expansion at the Bridletowne Neighbourhood Centre, is geared towards addressing this escalating need. By ensuring SHN can continue to provide essential care to patients like Ed, these initiatives are pivotal in offering support to a community where a significant portion of the population is at a higher risk for kidney disease.

As one of the first and longest-standing dialysis patients in SHN’s nephrology program, Ed was thrilled to hear about our Love, Scarborough campaign. Ed encourages everyone to support SHN in expanding dialysis care in Scarborough.  

“There’s a conversation that has to be had. We need donations, volunteers and support from our government. It’s important to spread the message and help educate people of the adversities our hospitals are going through.”  

To learn more about how SHN is expanding dialysis care, click here