Starting out my medical career in Nova Scotia, I always knew that I would want to come back to Toronto to serve my community. Now as an Anesthesiologist at SHN, I fell in love with the Scarborough community and decided to stay.  

Scarborough is so special because of the resilience that characterizes everyone who lives here. Scarborough is one of the most highly populated places within the GTA, and the resources that are allocated to it are disproportionately small compared to the number and needs of people who live here. 

Despite this, we find a way to get by. And not even just get by–but thrive in a lot of ways. The things people who live here accomplish given the constraints of what they’re afforded is unbelievable and inspiring. The fact that people are able to overcome challenges with optimism in the face of adversity is what having Scarborough Grit means to me. Being part of SHN and part of a system where people exhibit that degree of strength and resilience is incredible. The people of Scarborough just grit their teeth and do it.  

We need people to support SHN because Scarborough is underserved, and there is a society-wide level of neglect when it comes to our community. Just because the people of Scarborough can deal with these obstacles every day doesn’t mean that they should have less than everybody else. But the fact that we can perform so well in the face of it all is admirable. That’s why we need you. 

Dr. Wong is one of our 11 new faces of the Scarborough Sans Family. To learn more about our campaign please visit