Born and raised in Toronto, Dr. Reena Lovinsky, an Infectious Disease Specialist, always knew she wanted to work and live near her family. She moved to Montreal for her undergrad at McGill University but shortly returned to Toronto for medical school and work.

After landing a job at Scarborough Health Network, Dr. Lovinsky fell in love with the diverse community and truly feels that Scarborough represents the best parts of the city.

“I love working in Scarborough because it is an area of the city that represents what is truly best about Toronto.” Dr. Lovinsky tells us.

Working at SHN as an Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Lovinsky divides her time between seeing patients with infectious diseases, working with hospital administrators and front-line staff to prevent the spread of infections, and educating pharmacists and staff about appropriate antibiotic prescribing practices. Dr. Lovinsky has committed her life to serving our diverse population and comes in contact with many different cultures every day.

“Scarborough is filled with a diverse population from many different backgrounds who speak many languages. Scarborough is a thriving, welcoming, caring, and vibrant cultural mosaic.” Dr. Lovinsky tells us.

Dr. Lovinsky has been a proud advocate for our Scarborough hospitals and believes that equal access to healthcare is an important issue. She encourages everyone to consider donating to our hospitals to ensure that we have the critical funds needed to continue providing world-class care.

“Our hospital workforce is made up of healthcare heroes but our donors are heroes as well. Even small contributions make a difference. Something as small and affordable as a portable oxygen saturation monitor can make a difference,” says Dr. Lovinsky.

As an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Lovinsky sees first-hand how sickness can affect our young ones heading into the new school year.

With the weather getting colder and COVID-19 numbers rising again, here are some useful tips from Dr. Lovinsky!

The first red flags to look out for this season are your little ones showing any sign of viral respiratory illnesses, which are the most common in the fall and winter when people are indoors and in close contact with each other. Children can catch colds and viruses from siblings, parents, other family members, playmates, or caregivers.

Copy of tips to keep kid healthy by SHN Foundation

Your child may have all or just some of these symptoms when they are sick. To prevent the spread of viruses, it is important for kids to stay home when sick or have symptoms of illness, even if they are mild. Respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, RSV, and the flu, can cause serious illness, especially in children under five years of age.

Here are some ways to provide care and support for your child if they fall sick :

Cold n flu season by SHN Foundation

Babies under three months of age can find it hard to breathe through a stuffed-up nose, which can make feeding difficult. Call your doctor to make an appointment or take your baby to an emergency department if your baby: 

  • is having trouble breathing,
  • is not eating or is vomiting, or  
  • has a fever (temperature of 38°C or higher)

Children of all ages should see a doctor if the cold/respiratory infection seems to be causing more serious problems. Call your doctor or take your child to an emergency department if you notice your child: 

  • is breathing rapidly or seems to be working hard to breathe,
  • has blue lips,  
  • is coughing so badly that they are choking or vomiting,
  • is much sleepier than usual, doesn’t want to feed or play, or is very fussy and cannot be comforted
  • is complaining of ear pain or discharge from the ear (ear infections can be a complication of viral respiratory infections)

Lastly, here are some useful tips to keep your child healthy this fall!

tips to keep kid healthy by SHN Foundation

SHN has a wonderful paediatric department that offers an after-hours clinic. Scarborough Health Network’s  Kids After Hours Clinic provides direct access to a pediatrician and specialized pediatric nurse to treat common medical issues when your child’s doctor is unavailable. The clinic offers a family-friendly space for you and your child. You can book an appointment online at:

The Pediatrics team at SHN are happy to continue providing world class care to our little ones in time of need. To support the work of Dr. Lovinsky and the entire SHN team donate at