When Erika Martin brought her brand-new baby Wally into SHN’s Emergency Room in November, she had no idea he would be fighting for his life.

Born at the General Hospital just five weeks prior, Wally arrived two weeks early but was a healthy baby boy.

“I had both of my sons at the General Hospital, and our paediatrician Dr. Tattum, was with me throughout both pregnancies,” says Erika. “When Wally was just five weeks old, we noticed he wasn’t breathing quite right and looked pale, so we decided to take him to the ER.”

Baby Wally is intubated at SHN’s General Hospital

While waiting to see a doctor, the staff on the floor were in the middle of a shift change. The new head nurse on call poked her head in to check on Erika and Wally, and she immediately picked Wally up and ran to a procedure room.

“When the head nurse saw him, she knew right away something was wrong,” says Erika. “She took him to the procedure room and suddenly it was filled with 10 or 15 people, all focused on making sure my baby was okay. I couldn’t believe how efficient they were, they all knew exactly what they were doing.”

After baby Wally was intubated, the doctor told Erika he was stable and would make it.

“I was shocked because I didn’t realize how serious it was,” says Erika. “I don’t know what would have happened if the staff didn’t act as quickly and efficiently as they did. I’m so grateful for how they took care of Wally.”

Erika knows the great care SHN provides, so when she saw an opportunity to give back to the hospitals that saved Wally’s life, she took it.

Baby Wally happy and healthy at home!

“When we saw the new SHN ZOO DAY event, we knew we wanted to participate,” says Erika. “We’re so lucky to have such great paediatric services right here in Scarborough, but SHN needs donor and community support to continue doing what they do.”

Erika, baby Wally (now six months old), Wally’s dad Dale and big brother Eddie, will be walking in SHN’s ZOO DAY: A Walk in the Wild together with their family on June 11th in support of our Scarborough hospitals.

“It’s our way to say thank you for not only bringing my two children into the world, but saving my baby’s life. We need to do our part to help our healthcare providers get the improved facilities they deserve to continue caring for me, my family, and all of Scarborough.”

To learn more about SHN ZOO DAY visit SHNZOODAY.ca and register today!