Kam Shah, a long-time donor to SHN Foundation since 2017, knows that giving to his Scarborough hospitals helps the community he, his wife, and his parents call home. He’s no stranger to giving back, and likes supporting many Scarborough organizations.

“I like to give back where I’m involved and I know my donations will have great impact,” says Kam. “I know that by supporting SHN, I am supporting world-class healthcare in Scarborough. I’m encouraged by all of the milestones SHN has achieved over the last few years, and want to continue to be part of this great progress.”

Kam regularly donates to SHN through gifts of securities, which can include things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities. As a retired Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), Kam also knows there are unique benefits when giving gifts of securities. 

“As a CPA, I was aware of the benefits I get when donating stocks rather than cash,” says Kam. “Not only are the capital gains on stock not taxable if gifted to a charity, but you also get the stock’s fair market value as the donation value, which you can claim on your tax return.” 

However, tax benefits aren’t the reason he donates. Kam and his wife Rajul give to SHN because they believe in giving where they live. Kam’s parents and his wife have relied on SHN’s three hospitals over the years and want to ensure their community hospitals can continue caring for Scarborough long into the future.

To learn more about giving through gifts of securities, and how you can transform those assets into a gift that helps ensure the health of the hospital, as part of a tax-smart donation strategy, click here or contact Verna Chen at vchen@shn.ca.