When Sean and his fiancée Samantha started planning their destination wedding, they knew they wanted to include their Scarborough roots.

Born and raised in Scarborough, Sean grew up playing hockey and credits the community for helping shape how we was raised.

“I wear Scarborough on my sleeve,” said Sean. “Whenever I go anywhere and meet someone else from Scarborough, it’s like there’s an instant connection. It’s such a shared experience that bonds us instantly.”

In December of 2021, Sean’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. A challenging time for the family, she decided to receive treatment at SHN’s Centenary hospital.

And the care she received saved her life.

Sean’s mom felt at home in Centenary hospital, not far from her Malvern home. The SHN care team went out of their way to make time for her, make her feel comfortable, and provide hope and light during an uncertain and frightening time.

“My mom was so appreciative of the nurses and acknowledged that they always made time for her – even when they were busy,” said Sean. “She was going through so much already, and to have that extra bit of comfort and familiarity I think contributed to her treatment.”

Sean’s mom recently finished her treatment and was able to attend his and Samantha’s wedding on the beach thanks to the exceptional care at SHN.

As teachers, both Sean and Samantha know the importance of awareness, equity, and fairness. When they learned about the significant healthcare gap we face in Scarborough, they wanted to help.

“As educators, we know that our job is to bring awareness to inequities and misrepresentation we see in Scarborough,” said Samantha. “We want to show Scarborough in a positive light because it is so deserving of love and recognition for being a welcoming and nurturing community.

Sean and Samantha were recently married in the Dominican Republic, and in lieu of wedding favours, they decided to make a generous donation to SHN Foundation. They placed informative cards on each of their tables, telling their guests of the immense love and pride they have for their hometown of Scarborough.

Scarborough is often represented unfairly or in an unflattering light. When we saw the Love, Scarborough campaign, we were so excited that someone was finally standing up for a community we know is resilient and kind. We’re honoured to be part of it and give back.

Sean and Samantha

“We wanted to bring a little bit of Scarborough with us because it’s such an important part of our lives,” they said. “We also wanted to give back to our hospitals because they are a pillar of the Scarborough community. Everyone relies on SHN whether they need emergency care, education, or treatment for life-changing diagnoses like cancer.”

We are so grateful to Sean and Samantha for their thoughtfulness and generosity. They are truly putting the Love in Love, Scarborough and we couldn’t be happier to be part of their special day. Thank you and congratulations, Sean and Samantha!

If you would like to include our Scarborough hospitals in your special day, please contact us at communitydevelopment@shn.ca or start an online fundraiser at SHNFoundation.ca/ShowYourLove.