Newspaper ad that reads:
Dear Toronto,

It's time for all of us to have equal access to the best healthcare. Because our most diverse area is also our most ignored.
We are 25% of Toronto's population, yet we get less than 1% of the hospital donations. Our emergency departments are stretched to the limits and our hospitals are among the oldest in the city.
It's time to change that.
Thanks to recent provincial investments and your backing, we can do right by the people of Scarborough. We can build up Scarborough hospitals to a level equal to the incredible people who live and work here.
Your donations will improve our facilities, expand our capabilities, and offer more care to more people with fewere barriers.
Our care needs your care. We need you to back us up.
Love, Scarborough

Donate to Scarborough hospitals at
Full-page ad appearing in the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star on January 6, 2022.