Did you know that only 1 in 10 Canadians who have included a charity in their will actually inform the organization of their bequest?

Canadians, as modest as we are, do not seem comfortable discussing death and money. People often cite privacy as a reason for staying silent about this extraordinary act of giving. Others worry they may run out of money; and, if they inform the charity, they may end up feeling embarrassed. While these are valid concerns, there are several good reasons to consider sharing your legacy gift:

  1. NO OBLIGATIONS – Just because you have let us know about your gift does not mean that your bequest is binding or irrevocable. You can always alter your legacy if your circumstances or priorities change, although we do ask you to notify us, as a courtesy, if that happens.
  2. PEACE OF MIND – When you tell us, we will ensure that you have our correct legal name in your will and that your legacy will come here instead of another charity with a similar name.
  3. INSPIRING OTHERS – Your story may inspire other donors to leave gifts by will.  You can tell us about your gift and still remain anonymous to the public.
  4. MAXIMIZING TAX BENEFITS – We have some suggestions to help you maximize your tax benefits.
  5. RECOGNITION – Documenting your bequest will allow SHN Foundation to recognize you now for your future gift and invite you to exclusive donor events.

November is Make a Will Month, and there is no better time to learn about the importance of making a will. If you’d like to learn more about including Scarborough Health Network Foundation in your will or other ways to include a charitable gift, please contact Verna Chen at vchen@shn.ca or at 416-219-5789.