Bapsy Premjee immigrated to Canada in 1983, settling down in Bridletowne Circle in Scarborough. Growing up in India, she was incredibly close to her uncle, Nani Ardershir Palkhivala. Nani and his wife were like second parents to Bapsy and her brother – he made sure they had access to the best education, chances to travel the world and showed them the best way to better society was through giving back.

Nani Palkhivala led an extraordinary life. Ranked amongst the greatest intellectuals of modern India, he was a lawyer, a taxation expert, a corporate leader, a diplomat, and a world-renowned speaker. Not only did he fill great speaking venues in Mumbai and other cities in India with his annual budget speeches, but Bapsy recalls her uncle being invited on several occasions to come to Canada and speak at universities and other large organizations.

But, perhaps even more inspirational than his incredible corporate success was his desire to contribute to India’s community and the nation. He played a key role with different philanthropic organizations, donating his time and money to important causes to him and society. He believed in doing what was right, working hard, respecting those around him, and living his life with grace and humility.

Nani Ardershir Palkhivala

And Nani instilled these same beliefs in his niece, Bapsy Premjee. When Bapsy met Dr. Dhun Noria, surgical pathologist and Corporate Chief of Lab Medicine at Scarborough Health Network (SHN), she learned about the extraordinary work being done at our Scarborough hospitals.

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Noria because we’re part of the same community in Scarborough,” says Bapsy. “I’ve assisted her in a few fundraising activities and learned about the work she does at SHN.”

Bapsy started donating to SHN’s Birchmount site in 1996 and continued her support over the last 25 years. When she learned about the option of making a bigger contribution through gifts of securities, she knew it would be her special way of thanking her uncle.

“I wanted to do something in honour of my uncle and make sure he was remembered for the great things he did,” says Bapsy. “He was a very generous man and believed that what we get should be given back for the good of humankind.”

To honour her uncle’s legacy and ensure his name was remembered here in Canada, Bapsy made a gift of securities donation in Nani Palkhivala’s name to SHN Foundation.

“When I learned about making a gift of securities donation, I knew it was something I wanted to do,” Bapsy continues. “I wanted to make a difference during my lifetime and be able to see my uncle’s name on the donor wall. This way I also get a great tax benefit and will get to see how my donation can help improve health care in Scarborough.”

Bapsy’s generous gift of securities in honour of her late uncle, Nani Palkhivala, will help ensure our Scarborough hospitals can continue to serve our diverse and vibrant community into the future. Our hospitals rely on passionate philanthropists and donors, like Bapsy and her uncle, and we’re tremendously grateful for Bapsy’s generous gift.

Nani’s philanthropic and humble legacy will live on through Bapsy’s donation in his name. Not only was Bapsy able to leverage tax benefits by giving a gift of securities, but she will be able to see her uncle’s name proudly listed on our donor wall – and see the difference her donation will make in Scarborough.

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