As June marks Filipino Heritage Month, we joyfully celebrate the vibrant Filipino community that enriches the make-up of Scarborough. Beyond their cultural contributions, Filipinos have made a significant impact on our community through their unwavering support for the Scarborough Health Network (SHN).

From fundraising to volunteerism and frontline care to our community of Scarborough, members like Arlene, Hector, and the dedicated team at the Tita’s In The City Podcast’ exemplify the spirit of giving back in diverse and meaningful ways. Their contributions extend beyond the walls of our hospitals, touching the lives of patients, families, and staff alike.

Arlene Manankil-Boyce, Director of Major Gifts at SHN Foundation embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity. “Im very proud of my heritage and especially the important role Filipino-Canadians play in advancing healthcare. We are known globally as compassionate caregivers, and I feel this is a reflection of our core values of dedication to family and helping others” says Arlene.

As a fundraising expert, Arlene knows how to meaningfully connect with our Filipino donors in many ways. “At SHN, many Filipino staff are already highly engaged – most of our doctors have committed to the Physicians Campaign, while others support us through SHN’s ZOODAY, our Pay Day Lucky Duck lottery, Sip Shop, the Golf Classic and other events” she says.

Arlene is also a part of SHN’s first Filipino Community of Inclusion group. They recently had their first meeting to celebrate Philippine Independence Day on June 12th, 2024. This group is in the process of identifying a name, vision, mission and values. More than 20% of Filipino-Canadians work in this sector. At SHN, Filipinos account for a significant number of employees with Tagalog being the second most spoken language of staff at 11.9%. The hope is that this group will help promote Filipino culture within SHN, and serve as a platform for networking, mentorship, and addressing inequities. If you are an SHN staff member and would like to get involved, we encourage to you to email our Chair, Veronica Javier at

Hector Suazo is a dedicated manager of the Nursing Resource Team at SHN and is a representative of our Love, Scarborough campaign. As a proud Filipino-Canadian, Hector brings a wealth of cultural understanding and empathy to his role, making significant connections with patients and their families.Born and raised in Scarborough, Hector’s commitment to his community runs deep. He serves as a healthcare professional and a passionate advocate for improving hospital facilities in the very neighbourhoods he grew up in. His leadership is a testament to the strength and resilience of Scarborough’s Filipino-Canadian community, leaving a lasting impact on healthcare and beyond.

His vision for the future of healthcare in Scarborough is clear: to ensure that every resident has access to the best possible hospital facilities and healthcare services. “Scarborough Grit is all about having that resourcefulness to do your best and be successful regardless of the conditions around you. Being from Scarborough, you just push through, and you never give up, no matter what,” says Hector.

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Liz, Kai, Cam, and Jada are the vibrant team behind the Tita Salita podcast. Proudly embracing their Filipino heritage and Scarborough roots, these passionate individuals come together weekly to celebrate the rich culture of Filipino life through their podcasts.

Tita Salita highlights the diverse experiences and perspectives within the Filipino-Canadian community. From candid conversations about cultural identity to humorous stories about growing up in Scarborough, their podcast is a vibrant platform for storytelling and community building.
Beyond the airwaves, Liz, Kai, Cam, and Jada actively support SHN, recently bringing their energy to SHN ZOO DAY. Their fundraising and awareness efforts strengthen the bonds between the Filipino community and SHN, making a tangible difference in healthcare advocacy.

Click here to listen to their ZOO DAY episode.

During this special month, let us honour the Filipino community for their invaluable contributions to SHN. Whether through advocacy, volunteer work, or simply spreading awareness, every action supports our community’s well-being!